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A friend and I were discussing Mr. Bradburys work in history 106 of all places (probably the not best place when you should be taking notes, but, oh well) and we came to the consensus that Ray is at least in the top 5 writers of all time. According to my friend, number 1, but I have too much respect for such as Shakespeare, Tolkien, and Malory to say number 1 . . . sorry. I just wanted to say thanks. I'm not sure who said it, but I once read, or heard it said that; "reading is an addiction (or something like that) and that readers will soon get the urge to become writers themselves". I can only say that it is true, I have been an avid reader for the past 14-15 years of my 18 year life and I love to read, but in the last couple of years I have started to write. I've written a lot of poetry and short stories of course, and I recently started on a novel that I hope to finish soon. I just wanted to say thank you, first of all for your enjoyable stories and second for your inspiration.

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There is a collection of stories by authors that have written stories in honor of Ray Bradbury. It is called "The Bradbury Chronicles" . It was published in paperback in 92. Edited by William F. Nolan and Martin H.Greenberg. The stories are all quite good, written by authors that have expanded on or been influenced by R.B's works. You might find it in another universities Library, and see if you could get it though interlibrary loan. That is another way to find books that have been written by Ray that may not be in your general collection.
Ray has written an exellent book of essays called Zen in the art of Writing I think that is the correct title. He primes the pump with his ideas then invites you to run wild with your own imagination. Scanner

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