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letter to Mr. Bradbury
October 1st, 2002
Cancun, Q.ROO, Mexico

Dear Mr. Bradbury,
I hope that Zen In The Art Of Writing is required reading around the world. It just found me. I will share it with everyone that I can in the sincere hope that it will touch them as You have touched Me.
Many moons ago, I clicked on a link through the Zoetrope.com homepage to read an interview with Ray Bradbury. Immediately, I knew you were very special. Weeks later, in Hollywood a hysterical series of events led me to the L.A. Times Book Festival. A phenomenal series of events led me to a front row balcony seat looking down at your lovely self, on stage. You talked to us as if we had all been invited into your personal study. I fell in love with you. I could have curled up in your lap. A peace overcame me in your presence.
But, Science Fiction? What on Earth is that? It seems I�d written a novel and two screenplays that are considered to be Science Fiction. I just had no idea what that meant or how I had done it. I was born to write. I didn�t know that until I read your book, Zen In The Art Of Writing, but
I did EXPERIENCE it completely.
While I was in the jowls of a writing frenzy, my family gifted me with books about how to write. One of them was your book. I remember how misunderstood I felt at the time. �Releasing the creative genius within!� I moaned. �I think I�ve got that part down.� I am so misunderstood.
Almost a year to the day later the little book resurfaced like a raft suddenly popping up for a soul drowning in a raging sea. This Bradbury fellow, again? Um. I open the book.
Dedicated to Jeanette Johnson. That�s what they call me here in Mexico. Why? When my name is Janet Jones? I don�t know. I�ve been here almost two decades. I quit asking why long ago. But there is a hovering spirit that wishes to make itself known to you through me.
This excites me, little more than it scares me, but most of all, it humbles me to tears. Still, I persist. I read your words. I am baptized, christened, anointed, appeased, consoled, challenged, and filled with great hope for the future. But most importantly you, Sir Bradbury, have given me the courage to persist.
I had only asked God for a sign, but he immediately gave me jewels: �Doing Is Being, Take stance. Do fancy footwork. Dance. You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. The young, who as teachers teach us what we should have known all along. The history of ideas. The landmine is me.�
So, I write to you now just as I am instructed:
�You are the youngest being on our planet, sir. The finest teacher. May you never die. I assure you from beyond this plane that you will not, sir. In the ancient art of storytelling, thunder claps, eyes drift to the cosmos seeking union of spirit, mind�s mined truths. Listen for a cry in the dark. The spirit comes outreaching, not in horror, but in peace, to guide us home. Think of it as the most extensive library ever imagined. Every volume is in its place. And what more? You have all the time in the world to read. And look who is there! It�s going to be such a good time. I can hardly wait to see Einstein. Until then, fair weather be ever in your midst and know that your Light has enlivened us all.
Truly yours,
Janet Jones

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Dear Janet,

I share your enthusiasm for this book.

As a writer (primarily songwriter) who has not written that much in almost ten years of scribbling, I now realise that the only thing holding me back is me and my own inability to open my inner-self up to others. To succeed and find personal fulfilment through writing I know now that I must overcome this inhibition and self-consciousness.

There are lots of things in my subconscious that I want to share with others and, through my writing, I know have as much to offer as the next person.

Rather than procrastinate about what I now want to do, I�m now just going to do it!

Alisdair Stewart
Bristol, England
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It's been a wonderful adventure reading and
enjoying movies etc. you've been involved in.
As an early morning person I was up at 2 this
morning, Oct. 13th... (Sunday).... and on the
dish I was amazed with the talk you gave to a
few people at Loma Linda... Absolutely the
most inspirational piece of communication in
my short life of 53 years... THANK YOU....

You have changed my life, again.... My life
partner and I will always thank you..

Brian B. Buchfink
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Just a reminder...

As it seems very unlikely that Ray reads any of the messages on this board (he doesn't own a computer), if you want to make your feelings known to him your best bet would be to mail him the old-fashioned way, care of of his publisher, William-Morrow.

All best,
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