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If you could change one part in this book or an alterate ended would you and why?
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yea i definately would I would change Mildred turning Montag in. Mildred is Montag's wife you DON'T turn in your husband!!
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I would have had Mildred join together with Guy and Faber. She totally destroyed him by betraying him in the way she did. They are supposed to be married and loyal to eachother by beleiving in eachothers choices and what not. If she would have joined with him i think they would have had a more productive outcome with the book distibuting. If the town wasnt destroyed i think they would have gotton to the people with the books. The people would have changed there life style but would have the same aspects of the life they have already. More and more people would be more interested in politics and government issues. I also think that more people would have more fruitful marrages.
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I would change the ending so that everyone died so that they would learn their lesson because soon after that once they move to a different place they would forget about the disaster. They would just continue on like normal almost as the United States did. Then 9/11 came by and then we remembered it and then after a couple years now all of America has basically forgotten it all over again.
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I would make the book end more like the movie, with Clarisse turning up alive. Perhaps that's how the sequel should, or will, begin--with the revelation of some explanation as to why Clarisse "appeared" to be dead, but was not--much like Montag being "killed" on-camera when it wasn't really him.

A lot of the sequel might be finding out who, if anyone, survived from the city, who was confirmed dead, and so on. If a lot of cities were struck at once, so that DNA labs were destroyed and so on, with the trouble of disposing of large numbers of remains for health reasons, this could pose real problems. Some of the firemen might have survived--they might think of flameproof suits after old Beatty, hehheh--and they might go into the cremation business!

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I would, in no way, touch the Clarisse part. She must stay dead. Must.

Cheers, Translator
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If I were change the ending. I would skip all the scenery parts. I have to admit they were great visuals and i could really imagine everything in my head. Although at the time I didnt care to hear about what he was seeing. I wanted to know key facts like.. Is he going to get caught? Was Faber telling him the truth about the people he will meet? Will he get reunited with his wife? All those questions were flying through my head but nothing was getting answered. Just good ol' Montag exploring nature for the first time. Must be very exciting for him but for the readers we dont grasp that, since we have been in the woods a vast amount of times. If i were to read it again I would pay more attention to the ending since i know how F.451 ends. I wish they could do a fast forward a bit atleast 10 years to see how everything turned out. I would like to know if Montag was reunited with any of his old friends? If thier brain wash goes away? Just stuff like that the ending to me didnt clarify alot of the questions jumbled in my head.
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If I could change one part in the book or make an alternate ending, I think I would. At the end, I think it would have been very interesting if Clarisse would have been with the "book people". In a way, it could have been like a rebirth for Montag. Clarisse was the one who made him make the mess, and she'd be back to help him return to the city and, again, try to save the books. Also, the book leaves you wondering at the end if the city would return back to its old ways or embrace the books. I think that if there was a part on him returning to the city and being able to see the destruction and the people's reactions, the ending would seem more final. If Montag were to run into Mildred when he returned to the city, I think, would be interesting too.
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I would definatly change the ending, it was very anti-climatic, it was just very disapointing. I also agree that the scenery parts were very good , but it got me off the think about the main focus and onto the setting instead of the plot. It felt like you knew what was going to happen but you were not sure of it, instead of throwing us a curve.I felt that the "book people's" society was kind of like how we are today, but it is not a selective group there are more and yet there is a group of people who neglect books.Although some parts in the ending I believe hint to how our world is changing and sort of turning into a censorship sort of world.
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