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I get where you're coming from. I wasn't so dramatically affected, but I also didn't see it on the big screen, which adds another dimension entirely, I think.
There were some parts that got to me, though... definitely not a movie for clausterphobics. There was a bunch of drowning imagery, like when Ed Harris was suffocating the first time he tried to breathe the fluid, or when they're trapped in the little sub and it's filling with water, that kind of freaked me out.

And, of course, taking the big step into the bottomless deep was quite a moment.

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and, Nard:
another great Cohen Brothers moment for me was in Man Who Wasn't There, where the aliens "free" Billy Bob Thornton, and he just slowly turns around and walks back into his cell.
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I didn't see Dark Star until about a year ago. I saw it for sale for $9 on DVD at Suncoast! I thought, hmm, I could rent it for $5 and discover one of two things: it sucked or it's a low-budget classic.

Glad to find it was the latter. =)

My question: what's with John Carpenter these days? I think he "enjoyed" the 60s a little too well and it's catching up with him! Ghosts of Mars? WTF is up with that crap? Although, for some reason, I *loved* Escape from LA.

Still, I saw Ghosts of Mars strictly based off an interview John Stewart did with Carpenter on The Daily Show. He asked him about Gosts of Mars and Carpenter said it was "Ice Cub on Mars kicking ass."

Stewart: "Well, now it's obviously about ghosts on Mars and how they take over somehow too, right?"

Carpenter: "Yeah, sure, there's that ... but it's really just Ice Cube on Mars kicking ass."

How could I *not* see that movie? I guess he didn't lie. =)

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I think ...I haven't gotten around to see the entire movie, yet, The Man Who Wasn't There... It's one of those things that make you creepy inside to think about even having seen it at all....
I didn't see it at the movies. And it's been on TV a half dozen times and have seen only bits and pieces there. But one scene is so strange, so creepy, that it is plain and simply perfecly filmed creepiness. That's when that creepy woman comes up to the door of Bill Bob Thorton, and has this ...crazy veil covering her scary looking face, with these goofy little black spots all over it, and she talks about flying saucers... This scene is not a depiction of creepy things, this IS actually creepy things.
Hey, that movie's Web Site is really cool. If you can handle it on your computer, take a look at it...
click on or type into finder:

AND...there is this great site for the old "Fahrenheit 451" movie. You can download a couple clips from the movie, as well as a half-dozen sound bites. Pretty neat.
click on, or type into finder:

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The picture clip to enter the site is of the part I was referring to...
With the scene that you mentioned- I think that it shows why this movie is so creepy... and funny, too.
While Big Jim's wife is talking about the UFOs with all those dots on her veil, her eyes bugging out, and her story even farther out, the camera occasionally cuts back to Thornton, who's one of the great minimilst actors today- he just occasionally, during her story, darts his eyes back and forth disbelievingly, and it's hilarious. The cinematography in the movie is wonderful, as well.

I've never seen the F451 movie. Just haven't gotten around to it, yet. I should, I suppose. The local library has a copy of it...

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