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Twilight Zone
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Astutity is my middle name!

- Phil

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Originally posted by philnic:
Here is a very nice book trailer for Anne Serling's forthcoming memoir of her father, Rod. The trailer includes some home movie footage of Rod and family... and is actually quite Bradburyesque in the way it is written.

An interview with Anne Serling can be heard on The Twilight Zone Network. Insightful, and about 15 min.
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You know what blows me away about The Twilight Zone?

I was born just about halfway through the original airing of this series. In other words, half the shows were made before I was born and the other half when I was way too young to understand or relate the first time around. And yet, fifty years later, at least half the time I am able to view a scene or episode and see my own life being acted out. Most particularly "Person or Persons Unknown" or any other episode containing lines such as, "What's wrong with everybody here? What's the matter with you people? What's the gag? Stop it right now!"

I had to watch the end of "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" just now after enduring a month-long losing battle with iTunes 12, the app that cannot be used, or, apparently, replaced either! In this show, the only person able to keep one step ahead by guessing what was happening or about to happen was the science-fiction-reading kid, and then only because he was smart and acquainted with science fiction literary conventions. He was unable to prevent the chaos--only to make himself a target by predicting the pattern a little earlier and more accurately than anyone else. Wow, so profound, and all too sadly true.

In future I hope someone is able to make sense of my ramblings and the other artifacts I tried to save to illuminate the folly and futility of everything. I've given up all hope of anything coming to a positive conclusion in my own life. At this point a torch-bearing mob would come as a relief. Been nice knowing you all. Over and out.
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