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Usher II
Is this not the coolest story ever? I just love it. I read it last year in my english class. It's the perfect companion to Fahrenheit 451 in my opinion (with the censorship and all that jazz). Love it. Anyone else share my love?

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I liked this story because of all the Poe allusions. It got me to take out my book on Poe and review his stories, which is always a pleasurable task.
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Personally I thought "Usher II" and "Pillar of Fire" were good stories but a bit over the top on the gore factor.
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Concerning the Gore in "Usher II" I believe it was necasarry.

The house was built to get revenge on those who destroyed literature. The people who populated Mars had the motivation of getting away from the censors and the law makers.

It was a fitting end for those who burned Poe's books.
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For the love of God, Montressor!
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