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Dandelion Wine
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After reading Richard's reference in "Folks who were inspired by Ray Bradbury," RE: "Stewart O'Nan, whose 2003 novel THE NIGHT COUNTRY was a ghost story dedicated to Ray Bradbury!", I could not help to think of what could become a landmark movie production if in the right hands, Dandelion Wine!

So, I proceeded to look up a reference in the "Forums" and another true Bradbury Moment had presented itself. Almost exactly a year ago, I addressed the potential this wonderful story could share with many generations. (Aug. 30, 2021, actually in reference to 11/2011!!)

With that in mind, I recalled how just seven days ago, Dandelion Wine, et al., filled my thoughts and heart directly. Passing through the small village in which I had taught for many years, my wife and I stopped for a quick visit knowing the County Fair had just begun. The Fairgrounds share the acres adjacent to the school buildings and athletic fields. We parked on a small side street and approached the grounds. Before I was ten yards within the exhibits, I was stopped by former students, staff, and friends I had not seen for quite some time. Our brief exchanges brought back a rush of memories and lessons shared, RB foremost.

Shortly after, as we were departing, I passed directly by the section of the school where I had spent numerous years prior to the conclusion of my career. I was somewhat startled to realize a work crew had sectioned off the area and was busy cutting down a large Maple Tree that had always greeted me each morning and entertained my classes.

The Tree's swaying branches, singing birds, sprouts that arrived as tiny spring buds and soon grew into deep green shade leaves as summer approached were never taken for granted. Amazing yellows, oranges, reds, and purples rustled against the rural area's bright blue autumn sky - as Halloween approached. When all had fallen from their branches in early November, we knew the snows of winter were soon to cover the Tree's limbs. These views we enjoyed stretched across all of the large windows located in the last classroom of the 3rd floor at the very corner of the school.

I immediately thought of photos we often forwarded to Mr. Bradbury which captured the different seasons the Maple Tree so gracefully shared with us.

Though the saws were buzzing noisely, I did not hestitate to stepped beneath the "Caution" tape to speak with one of the young crewmen. The others stopped limbing when they realized I was within their area.

Not upset, the young man asked what he could do to assist me. I explained the room at the top of the building had been my classrrom and the Tree had been a friend for many years. He understood and indicated the removal was due to some weakened portions that had compromised the large Tree's status since it was so clsoe to the building. The young man, who informed me he was a grandson to the school nurse during my teaching and coaching career at the school, asked if I wished to have a keepsake of the friendly Maple Tree. I, of course, was delighted by his offering.

He brought over a fine bough of about three feet in length. The leaves had already slightly begun to change, showing a bit of red and yellow. Upon returning home, the limb was gracefully displayed on our side deck where we often sit to read and to take time to visit with neighbors passing down our quiet street.

Well! Maybe these metaphors, ironies, and images were a bit long-winded. Yet, Mr. Bradbury's influences remain at the very center of all of them. ...And that is where these Forums continually take us. Thank you Mr. Bradbury!

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Last I know, someone has movie rights to Dandelion Wine but I don't know what if any progress has been made.
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