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Why I'm here
I just recently began writing with regularity. I've tried my whole life to start, but could never stay on track. Last semester, I signed up for a creative writing course at the local community college. I happened to wear a sleeveless shirt to class and the teacher noticed that I had tattoos. She looked me in the eye for a moment and suggested I read a certain book by Ray Bradbury, and if you couldn't guess from the previous sentence, that book was The Illustrated Man. Now I had heard of Ray, but have never read a book written by him. Well, I was hooked. I read the thing cover to cover in 8 hours. I loved it, I loved the idea behind it, and I loved the stories in it. When I finished I realized that I was hungry for more. I picked up, but just finished Ferenhiet 451. I don't think I could have read a better book at a better time. I bought the newest paperback with the interview from Ray in the back. The story, of course, was amazing, but he interview afterward was so insightful, that I had to come on the internet and see if I could learn more from Ray. I looked around the website but don't have the patience to watch all of the clips tonight...gotta get to writin'. But the one phrase that I think inspired me the most and the one that I'm going to share with you is this: "Trust the secret self". Just wanted to say thanks to Ray for the inspiration and to let you know that I'll be stopping by here whenever I get a chance.

Shawn A.
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Welcome aboard. I just finished rereading Fahrenheit myself (fourth time, I think) and loved it all over again. I find new parts to enjoy every single time. We look forward to hearing from you again, and good luck with your writing!!
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Rays work kinda gets under your skin, then begins to distill in the reader a set of new eyes, and ears that are apt to scintillate with the breath of new perception. There is no proper cure once you have turned a page, to digest, a flourish of his mincing of words to simmer a most potent elixir. Brought out best after midnight with a dimlight a well worn comfortable chair, and a
begining of an endeavour of words, worlds, and wonders. I am 43, and there is an 11 year old pulling the strings from the inside. Ray
invited me in with the illustrated man. I have followed and read most every thing I could get my little paddys on!
Live Forever, Ray you've givin me joy, exctasy, compassion, and the most soul cold fears in my life. Welcome KingofCelts,
to the Bradbury Zone where many topics are reflected on, and bounced about. But it all comes from perceptions, properly, pixilated birthed by the absolute first Man on Mars
Ray Bradbury!
keep hitting the keys! A.G.Smith
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Welcome, KingofCelts! Thanks to you and uncle, I am taken back to the very first time I was able to partake in Bradbury. Yep it was 451, but I read Illustrated man shortly after. In my Sophomore lit class in high school, people were having a bit of trouble getting into 451, but I just loved it from the start. Uncle, well said!
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Welcome, King! I am also a new member, but a long time fan of Ray's.
I got hooked by "The Stories of Ray Bradbury", an anthology of 100 stories. From that book alone you can really experience Ray, although I am just now reading "Dandelion Wine".
Ray forever changed the way I am, my basic being. I am, and will always be, a child filled with wonder (and WANDER!), both afraid of what lurks in the dark and thrilled to reach out and pet it.
Nothing is the same with RB in your spirit.
I firmly believe that you have not lived, and do not know how, unless you have had your "Adulthood Vaccine", administered optically in large doses by Ray.
OOOOOoooo....That sounds like a good RB type of tale, doesn't it?


PS: As to the Wrestling gig, I can only say "Kewl!"

AIM = Tilt Boss
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