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two poems for the memory of Ray,,,,,,
Hi One and all on the forums,
I like a lot of us here, I have been deeply moved and saddened by the loss of Ray this past 2 weeks,and I'm still feeling lost like a great light has gone,and though I never knew Ray, felt I did, as I got the feeling Ray wasn't much into the celebrity thing he just had so much, love,passion,stories and ideas he wanted to share with us all. And not having him around and active in this so called "improved modern world", is the sadess part. He often gave me hope as he was always optimistic,and a great lover of life, He'll continue to be inspirational to us all,as I was waking up this morning I remembered his words and in his tone of voice, "my god I'm alive,"take me home, and "love the things you do and do the things you love" and it made me smile and feel better, I guess he's still telling us to not waste our lives, an to make it count, So in his memory I got up and did a art painting, and it did make me feel better, and I've still got that message ringing in my ears,,,god bless you Ray !
It's really great that these forums are here to share and talk about him, and of all the great books and all things bradburian and is still being done, right here on this website.

Being in the UK it feels so far away from LA and life here go's on and there wasn't much mention except on the tv news/papers for one night, and then nothing else,,, I watched something wicked film, and it was great thankfully it was made with Ray's imput and care, Can I ask, is there more things/memorials etc, re-showing of films/plays etc being done in the USA ? there should be ..
it's a shame, as everyone here in England seems to have there head permenantly fixed to a mobile or looking down at a i-phone or that how it looks to me at least.
Anyway, that by the by, I just wanted to say
thanks to you, One and all on this site for remembering and loving Ray too,

and in that spirit I'd like to share two poems I wrote for Ray's past 2 birthdays gone by, tited "Ray is like...." and "Ray is..." as it's harder to write with a heavy heart and I wanted to remember Ray as that bright and happy light that he is and will forever be....

Ray is like ……

Ray is like a single butterfly,
coming to visit my garden,
He’s like the last rays of the sun
and the dew of an early morning,
Shining bright and leaving precious gems,
gifts for us all to find.
Ray is the bubbles in a bottle,
the fizz on our tongues
The sass in sarsaparilla
Or the shinny bottle top,
That you’ve kept since you were young.

When you find or come across one of his books
in an old second hand bookshop,
the dust of time,
only adds to the magic of his words with-in.

Ray’s the wind in my eyes.
when I ran on a empty beach,
like The colours found in rock pools,
along with the many creatures living there.
Ray in the child in us all,
who wasn’t afraid to grow up,
But chose not too,and to stay forever young.
Ray’s like a rock crystal bouncing on an endless skim.
He’s the ripple in the pond, the splash
or the stare of the wind.
The welcome from within.
His books are like fine wines,prized,
even the pulp copies
are dog eared an well read and loved.

Ray is the fire,
Ray is the flame,
that burn within us all,
We just need to find it sometimes.
Ray’s the storyteller, the human being
The time traveller, the sooth-sayer
and the essence.
He’s what’s made us, who we are today
The giver of this special kind of thing.

Ray is the child, the man who brings us back,
From life’s journeys, reincarnated
and burning bright
His words fill the night sky….
Forever .....
Happy Birthday Ray,
mister Electro says Hi….

"RAY IS......".

R ay- is the light
A lways –shining above and beyond in
Y our’s -and mine, our imagination

B oys-Jim, Will & Douglas keep on
R unning-exploring,
A lways-alive in
D andilion-wine country
B irthdays -we’ll forever celebrate
U sing-reading his stories, words & ideas
R unning -fast, faster
Y ou-will live forever, always in our heart, mind and spirit

9 is fine,
1 is the beginning where it all began, the circle is never-ending
It’s like a re-birth, reincarnation, exploration, Ray’s like the starlight,
The dreams keep coming on; your books will always touch people’s souls.
Keep being you; keep writing, your stories for us all,
The child,
the youth inside us all............
Harry birthday Ray.

regards Dave.

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Hi dave, there is a thread here about planned celebrations. We will try to keep it up to date with any developments.

- Phil

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