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free verse . . .. . . . or not.... to life
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Hi Harvey,
cheers your a good guy too ! things keep on improving all the time , health-wise just fingers crossed that this is the start of a proper recovery I need it, so much.,
but Harv, it's important to get your sleep so look after yorself too, ok.....

I found this amongst my bits of paper, a poem using Ray's name: I was going to put it on for Ray's birthday so it's a little late but I still like it even if it's simple,the meanings are true,and I think it's important to be true to yourself!

RAY IS.......

R ay- is the light
A lways –shining above and beyond in
Y our’s -and mine, our imagination

B oys-Jim, Will & Douglas keep on
R unning-exploring,
A lways-alive in
D andilion-wine country
B irthdays -we’ll forever celebrate
U sing-reading his stories, words & ideas
R unning -fast, faster
Y ou-will live forever, always in our heart, mind and spirit

9 is fine,
1 is the beginning where it all began, the circle is never-ending
It’s like a re-birth, reincarnation, exploration, Ray’s like the starlight,
The dreams keep coming on; your books will always touch people’s souls.
Keep being you; keep writing, your stories for us all,
The child, the youth inside us all............

cheers,for now, Dave
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I am man, thank you. Using 1/4 of a sleeping pill tonight. I really don't like pills of any kind, but i ran out of my night time tea. That was really cool man, it made me wonder if Mr. Bradbury has an autobiography. I'm gonna go look. Glad to hear your improving, still wishing you good health. I'm gonna try a poem.

no more Doom and Gloom,
Prayers and Hope,
Love and Peace,
They've been neglected by me,
Felt like a Mystery Novel,
But now i see it coming true,
I hope it's not too late to get out and spread as much love and peace as i can, been leaving it up to other men for too long, haven't done my part, casting blame, pointing out the horror and the shame, doesn't count, protecting me and mine, is intwined with helping you and yours, my smile grew rusty in my cynical arrogance, they, them, their, ME,ME,ME, enough of that selfish isolation, now i see it's Us and Our and We,
My responsibility, I use to know that, but like a child quitting a game he wasn't winning, or a poker player with a bad hand, i folded, wish i could take it back, no need to cry over spilled milk, just clean it up, and refill the cup, and share as much as i can.

well i tried to write in normal poem standards, i can't yet, my brain starts freezing trying to remember how and i loose my bearings. thats pretty much what i wanted to say, though i don't like some of how it came out, for various reasons. It's honest though. being sober will do that for you.
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also i'd like to thank the founders and moderators of this site for allowing this thread to continue, it is not only a place to come express myself but sort of a therapy, wich i think my mate dave already pointed out, so thank you, and of course thank mr. bradbury, one of many ways his words have helped me.

i sing a song of autumn,
of the leaves that have fallen,
waiting to be renewed,
rebirth of a grateful attitude,
but first winter must bite,
a long cold night,
before the thaw of spring,
i dream of light remembering.

eh , thanks again
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Hi Harvey and everyone on the forum,
just to say;
"Happy new year 2012"to you one and all
good luck, and look after yourself &
those around you, and remember keep an eye
on your health and on stress!!
that's what got me..................so ill

but more good news I'm getting much better day by day and if it keeps improving should be better poss mid March,,fingers crossed

Anyway was going to wait till I'd typed up some new stuff, but takes me a long time so in meantime just dropped in to say hello,
really liked your go at standard poems, really good stuff and a strong message too, I guess we/me can get that way to and blame the world for being so messed up, and it is; but sometimes I need to remember to do good, and put out good vibes to get them back,I believe it's about sorting your self out then you can tackle the bigger issues, life, pressures,etc,,

roll on spring and summer though I'm not a fan on winter even if it can look like a xmas scene at times,bring on the golden apples of the sun,
scenes from dandilion wine,the lighter nights...
cheers and regards to you all,
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just thought I'd put a new piece up for a new year! something bright, a memory, a feeling.
This came to me as a flash back when I woke up this morning, to a song on the radio, luckily sometimes I jump out off bed and scribble it down quick, otherwise it's gone, blown away like a cobweb, like a dream or a burst bubble!

but it's also inspired by Ray's writing, I love his words,pictures and lyrics,rhe usage of words and imagary such as in dandilion wine,,,,
this is late of that .hopefully !!

The Picnic

Hidden in the long dry grass we sat away from the busy day,
Smooth warm rain fell down, on that long hot summer’s day
Feel’s like a million miles away today.

Splish, splash, drip, drop creating a symphony
A rich opus, a rebound on a snare drum
Splish, splash, a warm splattering upon our heads, but we didn’t care.
Let it fall; let it pour, once more.
The food’s been eaten and we drank some wine
Laid out upon the ground the remnants of a summer feast
Here comes the rain once more,

The sweet rain fell harder than before, in synchronicity
Playing to the backbeat of the songs on the radio
We could have ran for cover, but why it’s more fun to stay
Let’s get wet for a change we said, we used the blanket for a canopy
Stayed amongst the sunrays and raindrops
Glad to be there in its perfect stream

Light bounced through a wonderful day, a perfect end to a peaceful day

Do you remember?
Not all rain is bad when it falls…
Yes, it’s pleasing to remember the sun and the rain that day

regards Dave
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I really like that!
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nice man that brought me back
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Hi Tink's,
glad you liked it we (me and Harvey) do are best, and I think both our works just gets better, this free verse is like freedom writing or fire dancing, for me it's about trying not to edit yourself as you write, switching your inner voice on hold,maybe have a go,or join in to see what I mean !!
in keeping with my new year's writing I'm trying to be more positive and up-beat in reply to Harvey's heart felt poem at christmas... I really liked that one, I'm working on new stuff but in the meantime, and to keep this thread now and then relating back to Ray's fantastic words here's a mash up, using both book and film, of "Something wicked".... it's harder than it looks but I wanted to get the elements and mood right, and a lot of it is in the spoken words, hope you like it,,, (by the way I've only used Ray's words, there was so much stuff it's hard to chose lines as they are all great,,)


“First of all, it was October, a rare month for boys”.
That late cloudy October day, the seller of lightning rods
Sneaked glances over his shoulder.
Will is white-blonde hair with eyes "as clear as summer rain”.
Jim had wild and tangled chestnut brown hair
with eyes the color of green grass.

The lightning seller sang...
“Well, what tongue does the wind talk?
What nationality is a storm?
What country do rains come from?
What color is lightning?
Where does thunder go when it dies? Boys,
to hex the St. Elmo's fires, the balls of blue light
that prowl the earth like sizzling cats”.

The carnival rolled into town for those who still dream and remember,
For those yet to experience the hypnotic power of its dark poetry,
Step inside. The show is about to begin.
The carnival un-folds “Welcome to Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show”
A promise of dreams and youth…“But be careful what you wish for “

“Hell fire storms are coming,
an electric storm to clean in your streets
and wash away your troubles!”

Tom Fury proclaimed "Some folks draw lightning,
sucks it like cats suck babies' breath.
Some folks' polarities are negative, some positive.
Some glow in the dark. Some snuff out.
You now, the two of you ... I think you need protecting"
"Lightning needs channels, like rivers, to run in.
One of those attics is a dry river bottom,
itching to let lightning pour through! Tonight...

The clock tower struck, loud
Mr Halloway whispered, “this time of night 3 o’ clock is called the “soul's midnight",
By the pricking of my thumb something wicked This Way Comes”

Mr. Dark insisted "And in despair I bowed my head "There is no peace on earth," I said,
"For hate is strong and mocks the song “Of peace on earth, good will to men."

Mr.Hallaway louder,Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead, nor doth He sleep; the wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men"

Halloway, “you are the autumn people “Where do you come from? The dust!
Where do you go to? The grave!”
Dark,”yes, we are the hungry ones; “I can make you young again!”

Something wicked this way comes, a timeless rite-of-passage. A dark compendium of tales

But never whisper your dreams for someone might be listening- for every wish there will be a price!

cheers for your comment too Harvey,
look forward to your new stuff as well,

regards Dave
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Hi Harvey, how's things, hope your well?
I'm good myself, things are really on the up with my health and skin condition so much so that the doc's reducing my tablets to 1 every 2nd day in 2 wks time and doesn't need to see me for 6 weeks, used to be every 1 to 2 wks, so anyway I'm really pleased and also I'm able to get out of house to for walks in park,get on a bus etc just the simple things which I haven't been able to for over one year !it's great...

just thought I'd re-dress the balence to the poem of Ray's by putting one of my very latest verses/work up on here... again I wanted it to be positive and not so moany, as guess we all hear too much negitive stuff on news, and life in general, I know I do,


Give me a time of fantastic yellows and bright greens,
A place of meadow and fields, of soft remembrance, wild flowers and reeds.
A time for walking and talking of real peace and thoughtfulness.
Have we forgotten so soon what that was like?
The rivers & the roots run deep, linking the lands
to our souls, back together again.
Into a weave of spun silk, as fine as a web but as strong as forever.

I remember and it was only in my own life time:
a link to my childhood in the 1960’s an easy bridge to stroll back
A door in the wall to simply re-connect to.
This gives us roots, memories and meaning, without these we have no sense of now,
It’s who we are and who we want to be,
We build our present and future from these ideas.
But it’s was just a kingdom of sky and grass,
of sunshine and dirt, a playground, a park or your favorite tree.

Just give me crimson skies, no tears to cry,
bright wonderful places to wonder freely once again.

Isn’t this just what life and living should be all about?
Or I’m I just a dreamer, a cloud picture maker?
Is it too much to ask or promise yourselves that time?
A desire is all we need; it’s as simple or as difficult as that.

It’s not about religion, power, or greed
It’s about life, simply living as best as you can,
It’s about reconnecting to that human being inside

So try and be as one with nature,
Stop trying to define your time by electronic ‘means
Technology it’s only a false and empty creed.
Like a path without a memory or soul
Did you ever feel it’s like that?

cheers, regards to you, Harvey and to one and all who read this, take care, call back soon

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E.T. phone home, your not alone, close your eyes, feel it in your bones, your soul, we are whole, this beauty just couldn't be an accident, a mistake, a happenstance of fate, trust in god whatever that may be, to me it happens to be everything, when i focus my mind, comfort, like checking for a pulse, soon i'm dancing to the beat, thankful for every second i get to be, can't be taken from me, martyrs through time tried to relay that message, gotta stand up for whats right, gotta help to unite and make bright and make light, laughing from your belly, from your heart, making love, making beauty, making life, making art, this collective human soul, has many tears and wholes, but built into our fibers our marrow is the undeniable will to patch these, never give up, never surrender....... < buzz lightyear ..... captains log......2011. lol

there's some free verse for you dave, thanks for pulling it outta me. i really like your recent stuff man. i'm glad to here your improving. makes me really happy. i have a trick when i get down sometimes helps. i listen to "a conversation with ray bradbury" on youtube,, very uplifting. his voice, his meaning, wit, humor. it's medicine, better than any anti depressant, if i was a doctor i'd prescribe it. sort of like how some anxiety councilors prescribe watching "clint eastwood" westerns for confidence building. which by the way works funny enough. anyway man it's great to hear your doing so much better, and reading your stuff here. i'd like to hear some others too, who knows someday. maybe mogthedog or some new goers.
it's 6am and i've written something. thank you Mr. Bradbury. oh and i used a quote i got from him today in honor of the upcoming martin luther king jr holiday here. "
judging someone by the color of their skin, is like judging an astronaut by the color of their space suit" i have a feeling i butchered the quote. but the meaning is there.
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Hi Harvey,
How's things, hope your well ? and hello to you all who drop by,
I'm good and continuing to improve to get better every day is like another small step or goal, I'm getting better on my feet so going out alot more, though I' get tired out quickly, still it's amazing how much more I can do, and I really enjoy going out to parks etc again, thanks Harvey for your comments and well wishes, much appreciated,
I really like your new stuff too it's got a great flow and energy and positivity to it as well, yes I too listern to some video's of Ray's interviews he's such a tonic, "like a summer's day shining through the window on a lazy sunday morning"

I'm writing a lot more these days and in similar vain/style to my previous writing I'm trying to stay positive and feel that these new ones are a kind of painting with words/moods.
this new one is about a place in wirral about 10 miles from liverpool uk which has a dis-used train line hooton-west kirby and all that remains is a preseved station "Hadlow road" which is preseved to 1956's style it's like stepping back in time, the building.& platforms are a time machine,,, I love the place very quiet and peaceful now it's a 12 miles path to walk and cycle too....


I’ll begin with a stroll through the village,
pass by the churchyard and step into the café,
then on to the station where no trains will ever stop or leave .
like Stepping back to the days; of the creation, steam and dreams.
In an age of Monet’s blue autumnal skies, in calmer times.

The station’s still, quietly caught in another time
No timetables to keep, no visitors to greet, no need for rush.
Saved for today” saved for you and me…..
It’s about stepping back, just looking I guess,
for traces of forgotten stations, trains and places.
Hidden amongst along these long lost lines-
Listening for a whistle or a blast of steam in the midst of the busy day.
The platforms are still there to find,

It carry’s some weight when I walk in these places,
Because I’m here now on Hadlow’s time.
The people have long gone; still the crossing’s permanently down.
Although it doesn’t stop the mind train, it moves on and on
Can you just imagine the sounds of steel on steel?
The fire, smoke and steam which once lit up this secluded night sky
A hundred seasons have come and gone
A thousand journeys have yet to be kept

It Carry’s on right on through come rain or shine,
A hundred seasons have come and gone
Along these lines I’ll walk, still questioning what might have been!
Did we move too fast, too quickly? Surely man’s not meant to fly so high
Or dig so deep? Then it’s gone in an instant time just pushes us on.

These red bricks buildings remind me of the paint left on my palette knife
A subtle mix of cadmium, crimson, yellow ochre and titanium.
The rust, dust and good will now keep it all firmly together
I’ll look around, and take it all in; caught in the moment,
Think Ill take a photograph or sketch to keep, to remind me
Of being here, on this day in the sunshine feels perfect to me….

This is one of my meditations maybe next time I’ll take a map and speculate,
Marking off the old places and stations as I go
Step on; depart via Parkgate and head on to the west
No sounds of cars, people or noise, just the distant vibrations of nature passing by.
The trees and the green fields remind me of my paint box,
Of light hues and warm sap greens - deep dark cool coloured yellow burnt leaves
And all the colours of words come to mind that day.

Along these lost lines I’ve wondered both happy and sad
Happy it’s so peaceful here, but sad it’s all forever gone
Like an ancient forest sunken into the landscape, no script remain
And yet, still, maybe the mood, memories and feelings stay here,
Although it all disappeared for some its force carry’s on
An deep inside it’s real standing here on this trackside,

Along these forgotten lines it’s hard to explain……
It’s just a vibration, a hum a buzz on a light cool day, when I’m walking on the Wirral way..

that took it out of me but I like the images/word play took me a while to write it as it was going around in my head for a long time first,,,, anyway all the best to you one and all, take care regards Dave
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dave man you rock. my computer has been down. it's back up now.

sit in the sinking dark,
it's hidden from words that could describe,
emotional black whole you dove in blind,
and left no mark,

i see like some nostalgic machine,
time traveling just before the demise of history,
and holding on, a merchant of love's bizarre mystery.
longing to see through the eyes, just one more time, of blind love
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Hi Harvey,
where you been man, yeah it's a pain when that happens, my Pc gone, Twice now! but it's good to have you back, I'm ok,hanging in there, my skin's finally getting better but got low immune system(due to medication!!) so lots of problems with other infections, but I'll get there soon I know,
Anyway just wrote a poem to all things...
my skin condition (PRP), but it's good to get it off my chest... words are great, don't you think ?

Return to sender
I don’t know who you are?
You ain’t gonna spoil this party any more
So just pack in and leave now.
Cause it feels like I’m living in a dream,
But can’t wake up.
My night time’s sleeps are only where I’ll
Find any sort of peace.
As well as in the things I do,
Love my Art & Music.
I’ll do everything too finally
see the back of you.

Return to sender
You don’t live here anymore.
Soon to be; not/ never known at this
Address for a long, long time.
One day I’ll wake up to a bright new day
And I’ll look down to see it’s all gone, gone away.
But I’ll/we’ll still all need to be on the ball.
I can’t lose my guard,
A friend once asked:
“How would you feel once you get better?”
And I said, “Fantastic! But I’ll never forget this (PRP)
Good riddance's, it’s R.I.P
R.T.S, Get back to where you don’t belong!

Cause I’ve been like a ghost in a circus show,
Just a freak without a tent, no place to go.
Do you know what I mean, do you really truly know?
I’m like the sleep in your eyes,
A triple with no surprise!
Got these lead boots, but still ready to go
So far, far away..........
And I’ll be out every single day,
And in the words of Richard Carlson(don’t sweat the small stuff!)
“I’ll live each day like it’s my last”
But not in a sad way, No, No way !
My list is still full of all the things I love,
And I’ll keep doing them all when ever I can.
That’s a promise!

And so I’ll say hello again to;
Mum & the family,Mia and the girls,
Ray, Paul,& Vincent Van Gogh
To Will, George, Matt, and Colin,
And to Damien & Alice and your new babies who’ve all grown up.
Also to the Beatles and John,as well as
to the Norland Winds,Your Harps and melodies Have carried me this far.
And a big Hello to Harvey and all at the forums,
a big help and really liked the free verse's and stuff on Ray, can't beat it,
live forever & on!
To Dennis Potter, your "singing Detective"
has moved me so much,you must have been a really good guy! good night Marlow !!
To books, art, music and to all those new future sunshine skies.
To walking & talking, and painting,
Not forgetting to strumming,writing
on my big old guit-tar
And to singing from my heart

So Thank you one and all,
thanks very much
It’s been a long time but I’m here now.
And soon those bad times will be gone.
a long time gone.
so I’ll keep singing “Golden years,
Golden years,
G o l d e n - Y e a r s,
here’s to all those golden years”.
Goodbye to all that,
goodbye to the hard times
Bring on those blue, sunny skies..................”
I’m wishing on a star, no matter where you are”

well that's took it out of me, but in a good way, been watching the singing detective, by Dennis Potter, all full episodes on you tube, they've been a great help and therapy as well.
bye for now
call back soon cheers to you, and one and all

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hey dave man how are you? sorry i havent replied , i just havent had any poetry in me lately , but i wanted to say i hope your still getting better, and i liked your last poem. if you have any new stuff i'd love to here it. cheers buddy
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Originally posted by Doug Spaulding:
Originally posted by dandelion:
Heard this song for the first time today and it really reminded me of Ray. The author says it is not about drugs but the power of imagination: http://www.cowboylyrics.com/ly...gal-smile-10841.html

You just heard Prine's Illegal Smile!? All-time classic! The album (his first) is wonderful. Highly suggesting getting it. JP is one of my top five favourite songwriters.

And it will be favorite forever..

[edited to remove Swim Cap spam - philnic]

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