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free verse . . .. . . . or not.... to life
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Originally posted by EllisWebb:
And it will be favorite forever..

On, no - not swim caps!

"Live Forever!"
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DS, Perfect timing. Green Town: Miss Fern, Miss Roberta, Mrs. Bentley on spring break!
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far flung , leaving room for breathing , between us , for believing , willing home a feeling of love
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Hi Harvey, & fellow travellers on the furum's highway,
how are you one and all? I'm good getting better recently, though I have had some tought times recently I'm now a lot better and fingers crossed I'm going to get there eventually,,, and like yourself Harvey I didn't have anything to write about or have any ideas, but I did have lots of stuff I've jotted down on scraps of paper so I've just edited them and put them up here, also it's good for me to do so as I miss writing on here although I do keep looking, and hoping that maybe some one might join in with some of their words and thoughs, it's easy just take the leap and start... but don't be to judgmental as this can hold the words back from ever reaching the page,,, here's my new stuff


Looking over the garden fence
Looking at the typical view,
Sometimes there are blue skies
Sometimes the storms rise high.

But it’s the simple things that make me smile
Yes it’s just simple things that make me smile and I forget
What’s bothering me?

I hear the sounds of the song birds
Feel the warmth of a brand new day.
So many times I’ve opened the door
To find the sunshine once more.

But it’s the simple things that make me smile
Yes it’s just simple things that make me smile and I forget


I’m just a rock in a rock pool.
Don’t need any more surprises or mysteries
I’m just sitting here waiting for the tide to turn,
Then I’ll be off once again.
Who knows what the ebb tide will bring?
Though I like the stillness in this pool,
I’d really like a rare wave or a whirl pool every now and then.
Cause when the days get warmer it’s time to move once more,

It’s not in sadness but in re-birth
I’m standing at the door....

I’m just a rock in a rock pool.
Waiting to get picked up and thrown into the sea
Or into the magic crest of a bubbling wave.
My time has come around I hope,
Don’t need any more delays, so set me free.
I’m gonna walk in my old foot steps,
Barefooted in the warm soft sand.
Pick up a shell or two, and give a piece of driftwood a new home.
And I’ll be the one who’s bending down to pick up a stone and set it free
Just to see it bounce and shimmer across the sea, just for good luck.
Then I’ll just walk and walk,
No need to hurry, just wonder into another summer’s sun.
Don’t need much just these two new feet,
To carry ne on and onwards,


On another empty day,
A sound comes tapping at the door.
A distant wind bringing the dust from another port.
Brings it’s presence into my quiet room,
Where time it seems to have stopped for a while.
But a spark seems to be floating in the air
Is it just me or did the universe simply answer my call?
With the odd flickering lights,
Like the subtle change from day to night.
Though you need to be aware, don’t sleep too long,
Or you can miss it in a blink of an eye, or is that a wrap on the door?
There it is! Did you hear it once more?
Looking out of my window, to see the night sky
Sometimes it looks familiar, but tonight the stars are peppered
Brilliant bright lights – unique to this moment,
As it won’t be this same moment ever again!!


Come lets, sleep, No, wait,
Let’s wake up the day,
Shake the dust from the highway because the night’s long behind us.
Open the doors, the windows too, and let the light pour in.
It’s like a golden volcano, bubbling honey, red rock, yellowing raw umber,
We’ll watch the lights & shadows making puppet plays on the textured walls.

Let’s keep putting one foot in front of the other,
My spirit’s becoming strong like a new river.
And let the sun light dance and sparkle upon the surface
Just like before. Only more so...
Why don’t you join me it’s easy, if you let go of the ropes,
the doubts, and scepticisms will soon fade in time.
Who’s to say we can’t explore these days
Let’s explode this myth.

We can make and create anything we chose,
Don’t let the drabness of these modern times
Hold or keep you down.
There’s now a light in the tower tonight,
It’s there for us to all find.
Just open up and use your mind my friend,
Because we can claim these days if we chose,
We can walk on a different map,
So let’s wake up this and every other day.................


The spaces inbetween or inside a dream,
Are the places we’ve already been?
Where time can slow down to suit us or
Bring us back to life again.
So step into this place within a space,
There’s no need to decide right now.
Is it real or just make believe..
But when I’m waking I hear a heart beat
An” it stops me in my tracks.
A beautiful event, so simple and true,
So let’s just lie here for a while
with the daylight on our face,
in this space between a dream and awake.

that took it out of me, mainly as it takes so long to type with one finger, and also my legs hurt being so long at the PC, but hope you like them,and i'll try to not make it so long in between writing stuff, anyway all the best to you, Harvey and everyone else, take care, cheers regards Dave
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wow that last one was great. you should make a son of that..... i could see it slow talked with a jazz bluesy beat. with some rain noise in the back. yup that was sweet man
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song <<<<

those who matter dont mind, those who mind don't matter, madder than a hatter, shit you drink the brink you shatter, shit i think, then scatter, cause oblivion, holds me in, like a beautiful grin, i sin, i sorrow, i bawl for us all, then i lose my train of thought, derailed by those nails and that cross, that seemed to be tossed around so loosely into the great emptyness i feel, got a soul to steal,got a game to win, meet me at the finish and we can both laugh at a heart attack, i try but i'm no good at math, and the time it seems to lapse, i'm strapped to this pod, bumping against the rails, searching for god
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Hi Harvey, and one & all.
just thought I'd stop by and say hello, and let you know just had best news of this year my doctor's finally told me my skin condition's finally clearing and hopefully will not come back once all signs have completely gone !! but need to keep a eye and check on my stress levers and other factors, but I'm so relieved and pleased about it all, and hopefully I can start to get my life back to normal again, I'm feeling much positive and getting stronger every day now. I haven't got any new verses at moment,just thought I'd share my good news with you. though I'm still working on new stuff but not quiet finished pieces yet, sometimes it comes easy and sometimes not, but just to say thanks for your comments harvey, yeah good idea for a song I'll keep working on it and let you know how it develops, really liked your last free verse great words and flow once again,,,,

take care of yourself, be creative, positive and healthy..

regards to you one and all, have a good weekend,
cheers regards Dave
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automatically metaphysically infused with the blues , at birth it's a boring routine , that always seems to confuse the spirits that enter me , it's ok thopugh they know they are in good company
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http://youtu.be/Af_5Z3Ftnw4 pogo alice . . . . damn that boy can sing forest whitaker ya'll brother ali. . . .

i feel the rhythm of the breeze , i float bizzarely closely to the center , and never seem to loose the ability to come back , though i do loose track , seeing past yesterdays crash , enveloping the past and moving on , a neverending story , so far , misplaced identities , hallucinated memories , laughing at every single one of lifes calamities , but i'll begin much further than i had begun , coming back to life , trying hard as i can to catch the sun , pitching dead on , given every reason to give up , but some invisible pull draws me back to those times when the skies parted way for the smile of a friend , or the need of a desperate one , i got a million reasons to scream treason , but the stars bring me back to laughter , past what fell and shattered , hypocrits run wild with missing heart pieces , trying to fit them to what they try to take of yours , but forgiveness gives back the dignity , i don't know , i'm not entirely sure , but somewhere there is a buzzing sounding feeling that connects everything back to an explosion , static on my mind blurring my 3rd eye and humbling , all the talky talk stumbling , i'm feeling pretty good but none the less i'm mumbling ..... blah blah free verse blah
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a man of many imaginings , honest love and feeling , planting unimaginable amounts of seedlings , spreading growing , sharing , holding fast to what is fading fast , raise your glass to a light that has past but will never fade , not in the mind of any touched and changed for the better , a voice that said hold tight , i am here with you , and i have many readers , true believers in love with life and love , the tip of the sword that cut the status quo , mr. electric , a magician of words , a finder and comforter of honest souls , weary of all the incomprehensibly inhuman blows to humanity , a reasoner for sanity , a laugher at all the silly little obstacles , a bringer togetherer , raise your glass ......

... i am no one to him and i never met him , but i loved him
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can someone make a poster of ray blowing a dandelion and as the seeds are blowing out each seed is a book , and....... so it's mr. bradburys face big in the back blowing the dandelion book seeds , and either space or a field of fresh dandelions close up...... could somebody make that for me? i'll pay you if you can
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not for me to sell , just for me to have on my wall , i'm no artist
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OK harvey101blind, would you like to justify your one-word expletive post, or shall I just delete it as inappropriate?

- Phil

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no it's there , you just gotta look ... i don't know , yeah delete that cuss word
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