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free verse . . .. . . . or not.... to life
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ctch me in the dark.. all lost.. no spark.. drifted ..... im seaerching...... love... love.... ohhhh love...
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i dont think it matters. not anymore.

what do you think?
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Hmmmm! To borrow a phrase from an RB DW page, "Simply stated. . ."

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hurray fascism !!!

how long till we are all tearing our hair out at our great leaders funeral? not just afraid not to show sadness, but afraid to be the one showing the least amount of sadness.... worldwide stolkhome syndrome, mixed with self rightious insanity, how dare you not be me, how dare you not embrace me fully!!!! nothing really matters is the motto of this age.... i thought i had more to complain
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when does the book burning begin again? feels like soon. although everything is digital now, so theres nothing to burn, just delete. give it a good bleach... bleach out that history that doesnt agree, so much easier then it ever use to be, as far as i know
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"hey everyone !!! they have opinions that arent ours...... ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the cry of the new age fascists everywhere. goodbye freedom of speech and thought. hello fear
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Time is running out for us
But you just move the hands upon the clock
You throw coins in the wishing well
For us
You just move your hands upon the wall

It comes to you begging you to stop
Wake up
But you just move your hands upon the clock
Throw coins in the wishing well
For us
You make believe that you are still in charge
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Hi Harvey, and all of you on the Forums,
Hope your all well ? and regards to you harvey, good to see your back on the forums again.
I'm fine myself sorry for not writing sooner I kept meaning too,(I always tune in regulary to read all the forums with interest) but didn't have a lot to say and also for past few months my skin got bad again, had weird rash on palms of hands and soles of feet, thankfully it wasn't same as my last more serious condition, but scary time all the same thankfully all gone and much better now,hey, sorry to ramble I won't go on too much about it .

Anyway I had quick re-read of free verse poems etc and it truthly always inspires me, wow!! we wrote some powerful stuff on here, it's hard for me to write like that again but I thought I'd try again at least and help reserect this forum's thread free verse..or not...to life once more if that's ok :
this is a recent song I wrote and the words ring true it was a song/message reminder to myself and to others around me (about not beating yourself up etc) also I think it works well as a poem, it's called

"be gentle to yourself" .......

be gentle to yourself
there's only one of you.
be the kindest person you'll meet
and the karma will come back soon,

so hang on to your dreams
don't let them slip away.
an' when you wake up in the morning
let them be the light that guide your way.

and from here, the hills look like mountains
and the seas, well, they can't get any higher
and don't you know I'm always be here for you,
don't you know I'll always be here,
you should know I'll still be here

be gentle to yourself
even when you cross the road.
there's so many things to watch for
like everybody know.

so hang on to these words
take them where ever you go
an when your looking for a reason
I'll be there to let you know..

and from here, the hills look like mountains
and the seas, well, they can't get any higher
and don't you know I'm always be here for you,
don't you know I'll always be here,
you should know I'll still be here

anyway just thought I'd share that one with you all, hope you like it and remember to look after yourself as well as those around you too, Well time moves on and I still can't believe it's 4 years since we lost Ray, I like all of us here on this site miss Ray's presence passion and his wonderful love of life, though his influence and legacy go's on and on, I personally look at it in a time-line "As before when we always lived along side of Ray" and this time now "As life without Ray", as a lost of someone special, it's hard to put into words but... like a lost childhood,like memories... or dreams there's still in the background but the magic's changed... but Ray's still here when we read his work and hear his words,he lived a great life and what an inspiration to us and to future readers to find....

the ancient Egyptians belived if you say a person's name he'll live on forever, and as this is the beginning of October .....
"long live Ray, live forever " although I never met you, thank you, you have touched my life in so many ways and I believe one day we'll all meet up ....

well, I'll close for now .. be healthy & well, be creative and look out for yourselves
cheers best regards to one and all,,, Dave

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Hi All again,
I thought I'd already posted this message/poem some years ago, but I hadn't so I've done quick re-edit and thought be good to share it with you all now, see what you think ?

Originally written this on 6th June 2012 my 50th birthday... .

I Believe in the power of meditations and of dreams, they are one and the same, cause in a dream we can do everything, as in life we can; paint, draw, write words , create, we can run, walk, talk and even fly. And like in a dream within a dream, or just floating in the stillness of a meditation, anything is possible or probable.
Yet if we say it felt real, we’re doubted and told from even a young age, look they’re just dreams!
This morning I had a dream about meeting Ray in a movie theatre or concert hall, Ray talked to me, and he told me, “We’re all so close to everything, in fact only inches away, though we don’t know it, yet, all the answers lie in our subconscious” .. I’ve not had any dreams like it since, and no other dreams with Ray in them, but it was a good dream at a very sad time....................................
It’s only the full impact of the waking world that spoils, burst the bubble, it’s the hard sell of reality that kicks and explodes these dreams so far back, away that we’re lucky if we can even recall what they were vaguely about let alone any details, facts
In this same week and on the evening of my 50th birthday, the 6th of June at around 11pm I turning on my pc for the first time that day, only to hear the sad news of Ray’s passing, and ever since then I’ve felt sadness and confusion. I didn’t know Ray personally but like everyone who came into his orbit, I felt like I did. That is the magic of Ray’s personality; he gets under your skin, and makes you believe in his worlds, his stories, his passions run deep within, we remember, we re-read his words making them live again and surely live forever again.
Ray made me feel alive, I related directly to his tales; even the ones set on Mars, his words have that power, that energy I love his books, his out-look on life, his spirit and all things Bradburyian.
Here’s my poem
I wrote inspired by that dream,


Here comes the October man
Scattering dreams and tales like autumn leaves.
The man and the boy are one and the same,
Don’t ever grow old; keep your tennis shoes on.

Here comes the October man,
With more stories to tell of fire and ice,
Some strange, some familiar, yes his magic lives on.
The days get slower and grow darker from now on,
The wind makes the trees talk and sing the louder,
For storms are coming, who says,
Tom fury tells us so.
Here comes the October man,
Walking with the wind and the rain.
The storm clouds are just up ahead.
I saw you only once in a dream,
I wonder where you have gone too.

So Long live the October man,
And when I kick up the autumn leaves
I’ll always remember you,
Remember you, dear Ray

regards one and all,,,,
cheers Dave
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awaiting the reality that couldnt be prevented by his words, only presented as a fever dream warning of what is coming, faster now, i have a date with strangers on the tracks, we wont look back, strange that so much distruction could bring a sense of peace under the horror and pain..... it was too much, there was no other way, watching the car crash in slow motion, and finally that is over, the strain of bracing for impact or trying to stop it .... the car has crashed... survivors will huddle our humanity ...... and i guess try to do it better next time. ....... insanity.
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Not sure why, Harv101, but this rushed (with mixed metaphors!?) to mind:

Sittin' in the morning sun
I'll be sittin' til the evening comes
Watching the ships roll in
And I'll watch 'em roll away again
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Just gonna sit on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time
Left my home in Georgia
Headed for the Frisco bay
'Cause I got nothing to live for
And nothing's gonna come my way
Looks like nothing's gonna change
Everything's gonna stay the same
I can't do what ten people tell me do
So guess I'm just gonna stay the same
I'm sittin' here, resting my bones
'Cause this loneliness won't leave me alone
It's two thousand miles I roam
Just to make this dock my home
Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wasitn' time, wastin' time, wastin' time

(The late, great Otis Redding ~ Of course! The anecdotes behind these lyrics having just been recorded - and then......
they share powerful "peace-humanity-pain-next time" ironies from within your verse!)

RE: http://performingsongwriter.co...ing-sittin-dock-bay/
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Hi fjp451,
how's things ? good to be remindered of how great Otis's lyrics were, talking of metaphors, my first thoughts where of John Steinbeck's brilliant novel "The Grapes of Wrath" and equally great Zanuck's 1940's epic film,,,A search for the promised land, we the people, Ma'Joad " we ain't the kissin kind of a family,,,,,it's 2,000 miles I've roamed just to...
and then thought about Ray's fantasic "Martian Chronicles" stories yet another search for a promised life, home from home, it could have been written about any place in the world , but Mars..Wow, he takes us all there..." sitting in the Martian sun, I'll be sittin' till the evening comes, watching the ships roll in....
searching for peace in a foriegn land, a stranger in a strange land, thanks for making me remember that too, it's good to see the lyrics written down , we know the song so well, but it's also powerful as a written word poem//
cheers regards Dave
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Hi harvey and one and all on the forum,
hope your keeping well? Harvey, it was good to read your latest words,
I thought I'd try something abit and completely different for this next piece,

well actually it wasn't written by me at all, it's another attempt at what I call "copy & pasting" words, in style of what David Bowie did for Starman, ziggy stardust and lots of his other great stuff or as you once called it Harvey a "Smash up" , I did a previous one of Ray's Dandilion wine, which I really liked it captures the story using only Ray's brilliant words and phrases,
This time I'm using only previous pieces of Harvey's poems/free verse,, every word is yours but re-assembled differently. Anyway hope you like it Harvey, I think it's great, got your spirit and word flow, and imagary...

FREE VERSE by Harvey (re-mixed October 2016)

Stay on free verse ...or not .....to life
Play on, feel the breeze,
The rhythm of the breeze

Let it take you, the way of waterfalls & rainbows,
Forever, live forever inside me.
Electric life flashed into my eyes
The magic of life will keep me alive.
Memories like waves washing ashore,
Breaking shadows out load.
All joys & sadness’s I’ve sighed,
let it ride.. Let it ride.
It’s all a play, it’s all a stage,
and then I’ll be Jimmy Stewart.
Hold me somewhere away safe from all this insanity.

Stay on free verse ...or not.. to life
Play on, feel the breeze,
The rhythm of the breeze

Been a year, seems like forever
I’ve lived a life in the meantime,
Showtime, dreamtime. now is dreamtime
Just enjoy the impact,
Express yourself or enjoy life more.
Water of this soul I may be,
A reminder constantly.
We are all here together,together
Leave room for breathing, for believing, willing it home
A feeling I love.
I hope it’s not too late,
too spread as much love & peace as I can.
Before the thaw of spring
I dreamed of light remembering

Stay on the free verse .. to life
to life. feel the breeze
Let it ride , come on,
feel the breze, just let it ride.....

Wow, I enjoy putting that all together, Harvey, the feeling I get from it is yes, about us on the free verse thread but also,Hope, joy, and life plus lots of metaphors and Ray's works coming in and out ,,
Mr. Electro "flahed into my eyes" etc

anyway once again hope you like it and don't mind me re-mixing it up like this ? I'll have to try and put it to music and then somehow try to up load the music here, thou I'm not great on that techo side of things,

I'll drop by soon
"all the best to one & all, be creative, be yourself and be one with Ray this halloweon time of year !!!
cheers regards Dave back in the UK,sera
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hey dave,
sweet man, i'm flattered. i'd like to hear that song.
maybe we could collaborate on a sond or poem about how even with such warnings like rays from 451 or others say 1984... here we are, in america anyway, tearing ourselves apart... constant faceless war, dumbing everything down, the majority happy with wall tvs and pills, the rest of us watching with horror and waiting for the flash. or how even on these message boards on these writers sites, no one is saying anything about it. how strange is that?
so close to both oblivion and infinity.
ww3 being oblivion..... and advancements in med tech/ space tech/ tech in general being infinity.
if assange and snowden are on the level and not a play, why dont we expose everything? what is the fear and panic all about? clean the place up already. or is there some barter going on that isnt seen?
hey you, go martyr yoursef already for us. idk.... i just get the feeling no one really gives a care.
then again, im certain ive died quite a few times and this is some strange waiting room rinse cycle.
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