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Hey, you fans of Farenheit 451, Iam really sorry to tell you all that I had not interest in the book. The only reason I read the book was because, it was a school reading list and so I had to. Lol.It to me was stupid. Sorry to say that. That would be the last book on earth I would want to read.
Besides I know lots of other people who did not like the book either.
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LatinaClarissa. You really need to work on your spelling and use of English.
I would not try reading thru a book like 'Fahrenheit 451'. I can see why you don't like it. Have you heard of the great American classic, 'See Puff Run'?
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I think you are very correct on what you said, i also think that the book was very boring for me two. If i had one part too change i would change the part when montag runs away trying to escape the hound that is chasing him to trying to find his books he was hiding from the world, because if you are cought with books your house is burn and all the books in the house are burned.One of the coolest parts are when the go underground before the bombing and try to start a world were books are able to be read in the world.
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This book wasn't that interesting until the mid end of the book. One main think I would change in this book is I would probably have Claurisse on Monags side through out the whole book kind of like the movie. This would have made the book more interesting and exciting to read. Another thing I would change is how Mildred told on Montag for having books. It would have been better if Beatty found out on his own and made a suprise attack to burn the books. So basically what I am saying is this book needs to be more exciting and interesting.
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Why are you apologizing to us? It's your problem, not ours.

Don't worry, you'll be all right.
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