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Can anyone help? Part of a project I have is to research reviews of Veldt. I have looked everywhere and can't find one! Can anyone tell me where to look, or offer a review of your own?
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I don't know of many resources for Bradbury criticsm, perhaps some of those who are more in the know can chip in...
What I'd suggest in the meantime, however, is to search this site.
Lots of people here do Lots of talking, and several posts have been about Illustrated Man, or even the Veldt in specific.
It won't be an Official review, as in published, or anything, but it may put you on the right track and give insight. There's a function that lets you search old threads for topics.

Have fun,
seriously, because it is fun,
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In a quick review of the internet, searching for The Veldt, I didn't find much, either.

A short paragraph is at:
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