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Sam Weller Virtual Event Tonight
Sam Weller, Ray's authorized biographer, is delivering the keynote speech tonight for the Des Moines Public Library "Big Read" celebration of Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. This event is virtual and free, but you must to register. It just takes a minute. I just did it. If you have never seen Sam present, you are in for a treat!


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Hi Everyone and all, hope your all keeping good, creative and well in these very strange times,? sorry it's been a while since I've been on these forum planks and boards I do often drop by to see what you've all written from time to time, anyway I'm keeping good so just thought to reply to this Post as found it's now available on you tube :
try this link
Ray Bradbury and Fahrenheit 451: A Retrospective
or just type im the search box

Really Great presentation by Sam Weller, It's great listening & viewing ,so please take sometime out of your day and take yourselves over to have a llook and enjoy, this phosphorescent firework this beachwood blonde writer and lover of life,

it's good and great to be woken up and this reminds me so much why I love Ray Bradbury's books and his work and why he will always be & live forever in my heart and in my mind , as his life will be a constant inspiration to me and many, many others

But I guess sometimes with all the craziness and stuff going on in the world I forget to stop, take time to look and listen and remember and too be a lover of life ...... and Ray's and also Sam's words,thoughts and passions some how always manager's to shake ne & wake me up (out of this fog of life) and yes try ... just try even if we fail or just make a start but to just be a little more creative, more observent, more human,an a little more kinder and to be a lover of life and I guess I sometimes I need a wake up call and to realise even though we have lots of stuff going on, I'd like to add " too not sweat the small stuff " thou I know this is not totally right in what I'm trying to get across here ,,,but I hope and think you all get it as well anyway amd that's what it is to be moved and still inspired by Ray and all the other great writers, poets, artists and life lovers too...

if your seeing this message Sam, just to say a very big thanks to you for all your passion and all your work in promoting, forever pushing and reminding us how great Ray's books and words, works really are they really are so full of life lessons, in his metaphors we may see our selves in the mirror and catch a spark of the fire or a whisper on the wind, and you Sam more than any other writer I think comes so close to Ray's beliefs and as a author to inspire and rock n roll the next genoration of writers to come alive, your second to none , so lets all be re-born and reformed and if we as the ancient egyptians would have us believe if we say his name then he'll live forever , so Ray,, and vincent,, and monet then they will all surely will be with us all...forever love forever

take care and best wishes to you, everyone and all,
kind regards

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Great to hear from you, Dave, and thanks for posting!
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Very late in time, but thank you Dave for your kind words! I check in here infrequently. The event you attended was very emblematic of all the events I do that are related to Ray and our 12 close years of working together.


This is why he selected me to do what I do. And I won't stop.

So thank for recognizing it!

I am presently working on several projects, two are Bradbury related. Both are going to blow the doors wide on our understanding and appreciation of Ray's life. LOTS of new and revelatory material in both.

This is what he would want me to do!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Hey--join me on twitter! @Sam__Weller



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