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Way too Long!
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I don't think you meant "dearth" unless you mean Mr. B's literary output seems to be never enough to satisfy the hunger of his fans, in which case I agree.
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Good topic, RiverWalker!
Montag's passage down the river and on the current of the water is a section of 4-5-1 we always carefully read aloud in my classes (sophs. & DL Sci-Fi). It is a metaphysical turning point for Guy. He has endured all he could. He has battled every demon he has had to face. Somethings were side-stepped, some left behind, others confronted clumsily, and, in the case of Beatty, some boldly eliminated all together.

Guy strips naked, splashes himself with liquor (drinking and breathing it in), and then puts on Faber's clothes before entering the river. This is a scene of his reality -a mixture of dreams and nightmares. His persona, past life, personal ties, and former means of escape can no longer help him. What to do now?

Caressed by the water, he floats with stars and moon overhead and millions of images racing through his mind's eye. The cacophony of the hound, search helicopters, Mildred's blathering, and the fire station's blaring orders and bells no longer a part of his world. As he continues downstream, his senses are filled by a new reality he can not totally grasp. The smells, sounds, sights all coming from the darkness and his new world must now somehow immediately fit into his next experience: his exit from the relative safety of the river.

This is a re-birth for Montag! At the end of these passages, he pictures himself safe and comforted in a hayloft. He imagines a young girl (Clarisse?!) having brought him nourishment of an apple, some milk, and a pear. More sensory images to fill his mind and satisfy his physical hungers.

Although he arrives at the river's opposite bank free from his past and its many antagonisms, like a newborn, Guy finds it difficult to leave the womb. Entering into the night means new challenges, and Montag is not yet ready for such intense demands.

Finally, he walks out of the water and is overcome by the smells of the earth, trees, wild herbs, flowers, and even the musky odor of a deer startled by his presence. Montag has been born anew. Now he must do things right - the final theme of this great RB novel.

Go back and read this portion of the book (3-4pgs). It is Mr. Bradbury at his finest - Again! All is not lost...GM must make a real difference with this second chance! I continue to find this the most memorable portion of the story whenever I encounter the novel.

(The remake of F451 must include this sequence when the movie goes into production.)

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the old site was the first place I went for 'play' when I got a computer- I didn't sign up, but a line from a post stuck in my head-
"If you can't trust a Bradbury fan, who can you trust?" Hmmmmmm
I wish I could meet some of you in person-
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In case I didn't say it before, I totally second the sentiment of Ray being second only to Mom.

It's interesting to note how many of these posts were technical comments about the old board. (Hey, at least this one knows who I am. The old one made me sign in EVERY time, and often I had to give my password several times in one session.)
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Braling II

You are so correct! I don't know why I had that word definition incorrect in my mind for so long. It was only recently that I realized that dearth means a paucity of something.

But your explanation to save my rear end was really good as I am sure that all of Ray's fans would wish for a book a week to published. And as I finish one of Ray's novels or collection of short stories I go into withdrawal.

And as I wrote to Sam, the only problem with a good book is that it ends too soon.
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I'm famous for cuddling the crap out of folks.
Ms. Erickson is my teacher.
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Responding to Riverwalker's original post, I find it amusing that: a) you did not realize that people could be so touched by an author that they would have to actively participate in energetic discussions; and b) that you have so much time on your hands that you can spend it tracing some people's discussions all the way back to 2001 Wink . I am also surprised that no one else noticed, or at least, bothered to mention the latter. Big Grin

Unless you are a neanderthal, I can't imagine one reading any Ray Bradbury story and not being touched by it: the strange, cold hands that lock around your mind while reading the Illustraded Man or the cold, stark fear of possibility while reading Farenheight 451. I knew of one person who became angry at the mere mention of Ray Bradbury. Ayn Rand is also another of my passions for she, like Ray Bradbury, carried with her a passion for true freedom which expressed itself in her works as well.

Of course, I would wonder about all of you since the point of life is to live, not spend it on the message boards.... Razzer
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