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I don't know what my all time favorite is.

"I Sing the Body Electric" is amongst my earliest memories of a Bradbury book I would go dwell in. As a child and throughout these many years after the pocket-worlds of "I Sing the Body Electric" seemed to grow within me with images that informed and nurtured my spirit.

Once I stumbled across a short Bradbury story so disturbing that I could only go there at first for short periods, it was named "The Long After-Midnight Girl". Oddly enough may have eventual helped save my life. But that's my story.

"The Illustrated Man" was the first time my brothers and I watched a read the book, watched the movie and very consciously debated merits almost like adults ;-)

It was during a period when I was volunteer labor for a circa 60's underground newspaper in the midwest USA that Fahrenheit 451 became near and dear to me as cautionary reprimand and a source of hope.

There are many times many others . . .

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Welcome home, old friend. One of my favorite passages by RB is found in I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC.

"I see", said the poet."I do begin to see. I begin to know what this and what used for, for such as me, the poor wandering idiots of a world, confused, and sore put upon by mothers as soon as dropped from wombs, insulted with Christian guilt, and gone mad from the need of destruction, and collecting a pittance of hurt here and scar tissue there, and a larger portable wife grievance beyond, but one thing sure, we do want to die, we do want to be killed, and here's the very thing for it, in convenient quick pay! So pay it out, machine, dole it out, sweet raving device! Rape away, Death! I'm your very man."

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