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New book on Ray

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18 October 2021, 06:29 AM
New book on Ray
Thornwillow Press publishes hand-printed, fine press books. In May of 2021, Thornwillow Press published ZERO HOUR, Ray Bradbury's wonderful short story about the invasion of Earth, as a hand-printed, limited edition chapbook. The chapbook was published in three editions: an edition of 500 Classic Edition copies bound in letterpress printed paper wrappers; 150 Patrons’ Edition copies bound in handmade paste papers and individually numbered and signed by the publisher; and 12 half-leather copies bound in Moroccan leather with handmade paste paper boards, each individually numbered and signed by the publisher. The Patron edition is now sold out from the publisher, but as of this writing is still available from Subterranean Press, which is also carrying the book. For more information on ZERO HOUR and Thornwillow Press, click on the link below:


And the link below will take you to information on how to order the book from Subterranean Press:

17 November 2021, 04:33 PM
The link below will take you to a photo of the limited edition of 12, published by Thornwillow Press, of Ray Bradbury's fine short story, "Zero Hour." It is a small, but beautiful book, a perfect antidote for those (like me) who really don't enjoy reading e-books (hey, I tried). The book itself: Moroccan leather, hand-made paper boards, and letterpress printing on heavy, beautiful paper, where you can feel the "bite" of the printing press if you run your finger over the printed words. It elevates the book to what could be called a work of art. And yes, I read my copy...albeit very carefully!

22 December 2021, 11:33 AM
To get a look at (and description of) PHOENIX 451, the new Ray Bradbury book being published in 2022 by Gauntlet Press, just click on the link below. There will be editions of 150 signed numbered and 52 signed lettered copies, as well as an unsigned edition of 350 copies. And the front and back covers will feature paintings by Ray himself! (Those covers can be also viewed by clicking on the below link.) The book will be available for ordering very soon:

31 December 2021, 08:43 PM
PHOENIX 451, the forthcoming Gauntlet Press book that will contain at least four versions of screenplays that Ray Bradbury wrote adapting his novel FAHRENHEIT 451 for film, will be available for ordering by the general public starting January 1, 2022. The book is currently scheduled to be published in the Spring of 2022. There will be 552 copies of the book: 350 unsigned copies priced at $75; 150 signed and numbered copies priced at $150; and 52 signed, lettered and traycased copies selling for $1500. Gauntlet Press has previously unused Ray Bradbury signature pages which will be used to create the signed editions. The lettered edition will also be signed by William Shatner (who wrote the introduction) and will contain a previously unpublished Bradbury short story. Ray Bradbury paintings will be used for the dustjacket art. For further information on the book and how to order, click on the link below:

02 January 2022, 06:33 AM
Coming soon from First Fandom Experience, the publishers of THE EARLIEST BRADBBURY, is the book AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION FANDOM VOLUME TWO: 1940. Ray Bradbury, of course, was an active member of fandom during the '30's and 40's, publishing his own fanzine, FUTURIA FANTASIA. And it looks like Ray is going to be discussed in this new book. Checking the new book's description on the First Fandom Experience website, and scolling down to the sample included, the table of contents notes the following, from pages 108 to 112: "Bradbury Reports on the L.A. Fan Scene".

04 January 2022, 11:32 AM
From today's Gauntlet Press newsletter came the following information about the continued availability of the signed versions of its forthcoming Ray Bradbury book PHOENIX 451, which went on sale only a few days ago. If you are interested in one of the signed editions, it sounds like it would be a good idea not to wait a whole while longer before purchasing it:

"We are working on PHOENIX 451, making good progress with almost everything we need for this tribute to Ray Bradbury. It looks like we could soon sell out of the signed numbered and lettered editions of the book. If you haven’t ordered we suggest you do so now."
04 January 2022, 01:38 PM
I placed my order on December 31 to be sure I didn't miss out. Now if they would also publish Ray's screenplay of "And The Rock Cried Out" in a nice limited edition I would be truly happy!
04 January 2022, 07:31 PM
On a whim, I sent Barry Hoffman at Gauntlet Press my suggestion that he consider publishing the screenplay of "And the Rock Cried Out." He replied and said he would definitely consider it after he gets the Bradbury estates' reaction to the job he does on PHOENIX 451. He said it would have to be an unsigned edition because he used up all his signed tipsheets on PX 451. I said that's fine with me, I would just like a chance to read it.
05 January 2022, 08:05 AM
JRES100, I ordered PHOENIX 451 right away as well, to make sure I got a copy at the publisher's price. And I agree that it would be great have a book containing Ray Bradbury's script for "And the Rock Cried Out". As we discussed in prior postings, a signed limited edition might still be feasible if a well-known current writer, who is also a Bradbury admirer/fan, participated (maybe by writing an introduction and signing the book). Gauntlet Press issued such signed limited editions, signed by someone other than the featured writer, when it published books containing the Twilight Zone scripts of Charles Beaumont and Rod Serling. We can only hope!

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10 January 2022, 06:37 PM
Coming in October of 2022 is the second Ray Bradbury collection to be published by the Library of America. Edited by Professor Jonathan Eller, it will contain THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, OCTOBER COUNTRY, and 27 other short stories as selected by Professor Eller. The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $40.00:

11 January 2022, 09:09 AM
Just published: THE CAREER THAT DRIPPED WITH HORROR, by former "Creature Features" TV host John Stanley. The book includes a number of interviews that Mr. Stanley did during the course of his career, including interviews with authors Robert Bloch, Stephen King, and...Ray Bradbury. For more information about the book, click on the link below:


And the following link will take you to a brief talk with Mr. Stanley about the book (during which his interview with Ray Bradbury is mentioned):

11 January 2022, 07:40 PM
Recently published by the Library of America is AMERICAN CHRISTMAS STORIES, edited by the fine fantasy and science fiction writer Connie Willis. Among the stories included in the collection is Ray Bradbury's wonderful short story, "The Gift":

11 January 2022, 07:51 PM
Ken Engel
Thanks, Richard. The last paragraph of this sweet story is perfect and all Ray:

"And the voices in the room sang the old, the familiar carols, and the boy moved slowly until his face was pressed against the cool glass of the port. And he stood there for a long, long time, just looking and looking out into space and the deep night at the burning and the burning of ten billion, billion white and lovely candles…."
17 February 2022, 12:52 PM
In today's Gauntlet Press newsletter, the publisher indicated that only 25 copies of the 150 signed and numbered version of its forthcoming Ray Bradbury book PHOENIX 451 remain available, and that a number of book dealers are asking to purchase copies. (Those signed editions have not yet been made available for purchase by dealers.) If you are interested in buying a signed copy, it would probably be a good idea not to wait a whole lot longer.

23 March 2022, 09:19 AM
Coming in October of 2022 and available for pre-order: HOME TO STAY: THE COMPLETE RAY BRADBURY EC STORIES, a coffee table size volume of the twenty-eight Bradbury stories adopted by EC Comics (the best comics ever published, in my opinion) back in the 1950's. The price is a hefty $75, but it will be nice to have them together in a single hardcover book!