Dial Double Zero

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02 March 2021, 07:17 AM
Scott Filderman
Dial Double Zero
For anyone interested, I have a VHS copy of "The Story of a Writer" from 1963. It contains the dramatization of that story, and I believe Bradbury said it was never published in any anthology; it remains just a "screeplay" (although Bradbury is seen reading it to a group as an intro and outro.) The story is extremely effective for all of its 5-minute playing time. I can make my copy available, although someone informs me it is wholly available on YouTube.
02 March 2021, 11:47 AM
Scott, welcome to the Board! And yes, THE STORY OF A WRITER, with its dramatization of Ray's "Dial Double Zero", is in fact available on YouTube. The show can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

04 March 2021, 07:54 PM
Slightly OT, this has probably been mentioned before... why does the Favicon (this is a minor graphic thing in HTML, a visual adjunct - no text) on the Ray Bradbury home page have RB's initials in bright red, but the forum's Favicon is a dark orange "S"? "S" is for Space?

Tapping of space, I was impressed by the Netflix drama "Away" about a possible trip to Mars. Don't know much about it but I think it got cancelled circa 2020 and the pandemic. Heavy on the special effects.

Being asleep most of the time à la "RVW" I just now (early 2021) twigged to the retro/alternate universe entry "For All Mankind". I think I noticed it on either Netflix or Amazon Prime, and at the same moment there was a trailer on local cable TV in my major center. I've got stuff coming at me from all over! Anyway pardon the OT comment.

Good books I am reading include The Puzzle Palace, Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen and last summer's V-2 by Robert Harris. Also on the general topic of "Operation Paperclip", Dark Side of the Moon by Wayne Biddle.

I was *very* impressed with The Rock From Mars by Kathy Sawyer which is about searching for meteorites in Antarctica (which is an apparently a complex and dicey project). Curiously, some of these books are available in the Play Store, and some are not. Conversely some are available at the public library but not on Google! Lots of luck with that. For decades I did not know that RB's work occasionally appears in rather arcane "collections" and nowhere else... I was advised about this by an antiquarian bookseller in Ohio who by pure chance supplied me with my copy of S is for Space!

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