What charcter did you like best and why? What charcter you like least and why?

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30 August 2004, 02:25 PM
What charcter did you like best and why? What charcter you like least and why?
Thecharcter I like best is the lady that got burned down with the books and the house. The books meant a lot to her if she died with them. She had a deep passion for the books. If i liked some thing that much I wouldn't even have the guts to died with it.

The charcter I like least is the fire man I gusse he isent the most intresting charcter. Becuase he kind of boring.
30 August 2004, 05:42 PM
The carachter i liked most would be Montag because he was almost what made the book so interesting. How he dealt with the pressure of not being able to read all the books thatr he burnt.

The caracter I disliked would be Beatty because he was mean to Guy because even though he read books he should have been able to read a few because of his criminal record which there is none!
31 August 2004, 05:52 PM
The character I did not like in this story was Captain Beatty. In this story he is the bad guy. In most stories I don't like the bad guys. He was also pretty mean to Guy Montag. He was threating him to not to read any books. If Guy did read a book Captain Beatty would go after him. Thats why I did not like Captain Beatty. He was mean.
31 August 2004, 09:33 PM
The character I liked the most was Clarisee McClellan. I liked her because she was an unique person. She did whatever she wanted to do, even if it was really weird. She also just talked to strangers out of nowhere about whatever came to her mind. She was an interesting character that always made me curious to find out what she was going to do next or say next. The character I liked least was mildred. She really confused me, and I could never figure her out. Sometimes she seemed like she loved Montag, but then she went off and told on him for having books.
31 August 2004, 10:38 PM
My favorite character has to be Montag. If Montag didn't exist then there would be no story. I also thought Montag was very brave and willing to go behind Beatty's back and read. He stood up for himself and for the thing he liked to do. People may think that reading was terrible but Montag loved it. Montag is like a leader insted of a follower and thats why I liked him the most.
02 September 2004, 12:08 AM
Michelle Ferm
As much as I want to say Montag I know that the only reason I thought of him as my "favorite character was because he was the lead. We got to know him better than any of the other characters. I believe that Faber is my favorite character because he truly brought a lot of meaning into Montag's life.(practically saving him I might add)And I think that he did a very brave and honest thing. He was risking his own life for someone that he met only once or twice in his life. And he didn't knotw if he was just out to get him or not (considering Montag is a fireman). Faber was by far my favorite character because he had so much knowledge and wisdom and I think that he brought a lot of meaning to the story. He is the one who led him and helped him when he didn't even need to.

Michelle Ferm
02 September 2004, 02:10 AM
My favorite character is the woman that was burned alive in her house for her books. She showed true faith to the concept of the written word. In many ways, she was a martyr. Although she was old, she took what she loved and payed the ultimate price for it. I think she greatly influenced Montag as well, partly because he had never dealt with a person that remained in the fire as her house was burning, but mostly because she died for the books. He had never experienced anything quite like that night. My least favorite character is Beatty. He was an extremely intelligent character. Hints throughout the book suggested that he was well aware of Montag's curiosity for books, and that Beatty himself had a great common knowledge of books. I hated, however, that he was just too plain stubborn and cowardly to change anything about the life that he detested so much. I also couldn't stand the perpetual lies that he told. As far as the role of firemen and their jobs went, he defended the system, but refused to encourage his men to stand up for what was right. I believe that the woman that died for her books and Beatty were also two of the most influential characters in the entire book.
02 September 2004, 09:25 AM
The character that i liked the best would have to be Faber, because of his qoute on page 83 about how books show the true pores on peoples faces.Although Faber was a so called coward i bealieve that he was a true hero in this story he's was the one that had all the clever ideas such as the bullet which was really and earpiece,if it wasnt for faber i bealieve that montag would have been killed in the fire at his house because he would of had no where else to go when beatty found out that montag was reading books therefore montag would have been in the burning house.my least favorite character was Mildred ever since she called the firemen on her husband i knew that she was the true coward unwilling to try new thing such as reading books.To me Mildred was only a suicide manic in the story.
02 September 2004, 11:41 AM
My favorite character was Clarisse because she seemed more normal than the other characters. I also liked how she explained that she just liked to do simple things like walking down the street and looking at flowers and the grass.The character I liked the least was Mildred because she was just like a robot, she barely showed any emotions to Montag and she was too concered with the parlor and her "family." I also didn't like how she told the Fire Department about the books Montag had in their house.
02 September 2004, 08:10 PM
Clarisse is most definetaly my favorite character becasue she truly understood the need to read books and ask questions. One reason the books were banned was becasue, as Beatty said, they contradicted each other, and that made the people think. In the perfect society that they wanted to create, they didn't want people questioning the ideas the books gave them. Clarisse is the only one that truly understood that books and questions are needing in life. When she told this to Montag, he began to believe it too. This is why Clarisse is my favorite character.
My least favorte character is Mildred becasue she just went along doing what was expected of her. All she did was watch televison shows and do housework, which was expected of the women in that time. What really upset me about her is that she seemed to love Montag in a way, but then when he takes out the books or really when he did anything, she got mad and yelled at him for whatever it was that he did. Why they were married when theu were so different from each other, one can only guess.

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02 September 2004, 11:16 PM
My favorite character is Momtag because he is the only person other than clarrise that has any common sense.He is the kind of that thinks out of the box. He could of just nat cared about what clarrise had to say and just continue his normal day to day life like the rest of the people. But he didn't he knew that his society was wrong from the start because the book said that he had a lot of books hidden in his wall so he would of had to of been collecting them for a while. I also like his character because he took in the right sources like when his cousin got him to try to fill the funnel which showed him that he will never forfull his life. Also when he asked faber how many bibles were left in the world and he said none so I thought that pushed him to copy the book and figure out more about what a nornal society is. He could of just listened to Beatty when he said that benjamin Franklin was the first fireman and that it has always been this way. I also think that after the bomb blew up the whole city that he joined the scholors and rebuilt the to what everything should be.
09 September 2004, 09:16 PM
My favorite character would have to be Montag. He was a very outgoing person with a passion to burn but later that passion went away. I feel that is knowledge to overtake the government an start a new one made the book a little more interesting. My least favorite character would probably be Betty or the Mechanical Hound, they were both after Montag, and were trying to capture him or kill him. I also like the part when Montag kills Betty. So those are a couple of reasons for disliking and liking my characters.
13 September 2004, 10:37 AM
the character i liked best is montag because he got so confused on if he should burn or read books that he went to a side and killed the man that made him burn books. plus he made a plan to rebuild his city with book and every thing that the underground people want.
13 September 2004, 11:55 AM
Originally posted by Cygaldan:
Thecharcter I like best is the lady that got burned down with the books and the house. The books meant a lot to her if she died with them. She had a deep passion for the books. If i liked some thing that much I wouldn't even have the guts to died with it.

The charcter I like least is the fire man I gusse he isent the most intresting charcter. Becuase he kind of boring.

13 September 2004, 12:02 PM
The character I liked the most would probably be Montag because he is the main character and he is the person who burns the books. Also because he starts reading books and finds out that books are a powerful source of knowledge.

The character i disliked would probably be mildred because she confused me with every word she said.