Couple of neat asteroid-related items summer 2019

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08 August 2019, 05:19 PM
Couple of neat asteroid-related items summer 2019
1. I'm currently reading The Rock From Mars by Kathy Sawyer which is a fascinating popular history sort of piece re: the discovery in Antarctica of what came to be known as "ALH84001", a small meteorite/asteroid which apparently originated on Mars during a comet impact on that planet.

2. According to the Washington Post there was a near miss by a 400-foot asteroid a few days ago. Newspaper article contains a really cool video.


I have a clear memory of the year 1958 approx. being 4-5 years old and there was some movie being shown out of one of the TV networks... black and white of course. "Fantastic Planet" or "When Worlds Collide" or something. And I asked my grandmother if she thought it was possible for... volcanic ejecta say on another planet to escape the pull of gravity and eventually hit our earth as a meteorite!

(She said it seemed like it might be technically possible...)