Loking for quote

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16 October 2018, 07:25 PM
Loking for quote
Years ago I read a quote and I believe it was from Ray B., but I cannot find it anywhere. Has anyone here seen it? Am I on the right track?

It was from long ago, maybe the 1950's, and expressed alarm that automobiles were taking over our space, particularly our cities. It was something like the following:

"We live in a science fiction world. But a world ...[where people don't fit in, where cars dominate the space and people have to get out of the way -- I don't recall the exact words!]... is a science fiction nightmare."

My memory is that he said it, but I cannot find it anywhere. (In a book? In a speech? I don't know.) Does anyone recognize it? Thanks in advance.
17 October 2018, 05:46 PM
Here is that and a number of other quotes on what appears to be a very nice little page.


Don't be surprised that the quote is from 2003. Ray often repeated favorite ideas and phrases over the years.