Farenheit 451 part two

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30 November 2015, 10:31 AM
Logan Hart
Farenheit 451 part two
I wrote a second book for F451.
Here it is
Fahrenheit 451: The Phoenix Effect
By:Logan Hart
The events that take place in this short story occur immediately after the end of “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. This book was written not to mock or ridicule Ray, but to honour him with a tribute
Part 1: The Ashes
Upon reaching the city, Montag was horrified. “They really just wiped out a city of unarmed women and children, they really did it.” Montag gasped for air, trying to grasp what he was seeing with unbelieving retinas. “Yes it was only a matter of time” replied Granger. “All tyranny must end” he stoically replied. “That is the human way” he said. “Aut Vincere Aut Mori” Montag suddenly flashed back to one of his grandfather's tutoring sessions, “to conquer or die?” He questioned. Granger, an amused grin playing across his face, replied “So, Mr.Fireman, burner of books, knows his Latin?” Granger questioned. “My grandfather did more than sculpt wood” Montag fired back, amused. Suddenly in the silence that followed, a man who Montag knew naught of suddenly exclaimed “Look, all is not lost, there, up ahead!” He exclaimed ecstatically. Montag followed his pointing finger, there stood a large building, intact among the ruins of the once great city.
Chapter 2
Montag stared at the formidable structure standing before them. “Israel, you are the most observant of us all, my keen eyed friend!” Granger exclaimed, then questioned, “But one thing, what is it?” “It is the courthouse which was erected in the P.T (pre tyranny) period, out of cinderblocks with titanium rods as thick as axles drove through them, then sealed with concrete” Israel exclaimed. “They must have used a shockwave missile strike to devastate the town” Granger then announced “Perfect, this will be our headquarters for the rebirth of civilization.” Then Israel snapped, and stated excitedly “Wait, not only is it the perfect building, but it had an entire library from when they confiscated books, instead of burnt them” “ But what happened when they decided to burn books, didn't they torch those too?” another man asked. “Bill, you were a soldier, you of all people should know RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges) better than anyone, the mayor decided he wanted to be the only person who owned books, and ordered the fireman to turn their flame throwers elsewhere.” Israel replied. Montag pondered this for a minute, recalling Beatty, whom he had last seen blackened and twitching, recalling that order during a poker game, and then said “Let us go forth and see what great works of literature were spared from the flames of Beatty’s infamous 451st Fire Battalion.” And so the band of men went forward, eager to reveal the thick dusty volumes that awaited them, silently calling their name.
Part 2: The Rebirth
As they expected, they found many shelves of volumes stored behind the solid oak door, and silently came to a decision to split up and search the library individually to cover more ground. As Montag searched the shelves, he came upon another oak door, which was jammed. Years of Fireman training kicked in as he kicked the door in, reaching towards his back for a flamethrower which was not, there, and then saw the room contained several glass cases, each containing a yellowed, handwritten document. Realization snapped like a whip and he called “Granger, Israel, Bill, all of you come here, and be quick about it, I have found something that looks incredible, and important.” As they rushed in, fanning out around Montag, Granger examined the documents contained in the cases. The first read;
The Unanimous Declaration of The Thirteen United States of America, In Congress,
July 4, 1776
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and institute new government.
“Montag, you just found the original copy of the Declaration of Independence” Granger gasped. Israel then exclaimed, “Granger, Montag, look at this case” this document read as follows;
“We the people, of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, Insure Domestic tranquility, provide for the common Defence, promote the General Welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty unto ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
Montag gasped desperately for air after Granger finished reading the esteemed document aloud to the the gathered group. “These are the very copies of the documents written by our forefathers to establish government in our newly formed country.” “Ah, how the mighty have fallen” quipped Israel “Indeed, they have” replied Granger. “But according to my “The Phoenix Effect theory, it should be the base of our new government as well.” Then a man (who Montag later learned was named Eric) burst in the small room, loaded down with a bulging duffel bag, and several bandoliers across his chest. “I found an underground armoury, and picked some stuff up that I thought would be useful” he gasped, untangling himself from the duffel bag and handing Montag a bandolier, which he immediately strapped on without question. Then he revealed the contents of his bag, 14 assault rifles, (think AR-15) and 2 bullpup rifles. After that, he pulled out 32 handguns, and passed them out as well. “These will be…..” Montag uttered, then he paused, detecting a faint whistling noise, then they heard an explosion, and felt the floor shake beneath them, and so the shelling began.
Chapter 2:
As a plethora of explosions again rocked the courthouse, Montag wondered what was going on. Reading his mind, Bill answered “177mm mortar shells, usually proceed foot soldiers, lock and load.” Then he threw Montag an AR-15 and 2 handguns then he racked the slide on his, crouched and ran to the window, and opened fire. Montag rolled into position beneath a window, popped up, and expended his clip towards the advancing infantry. As he ducked to reload, he turned in time to catch a glimpse of Granger spouting 12 holes in what used to be his chest, and collapse to the ground, dead. “No!” Montag yells, enraged, then makes an animal sound, knowing it was too late. Then, seeing red, Montag expended clip after clip into the rapidly shrinking enemy formation, until at last, his searching hand found no magazine. Then he realized that he had ran out of targets. Whoever his victims were, and whoever sent them, would not prevent Guy Montag from executing “The Phoenix Effect” in honour of Granger, would never prevent the rebirth of civilization. Montag was sobbing as he declared, “I won't let you down, Granger, I promise.” He then saw his tears leave marks on the dirt he was tamping down, then he walked away, determined. The tomb which was marked with a stone that read;
Here lies
Father of New America
Chapter 3:
After they buried Granger, Montag felt hollow inside, with a small pinch of something akin to being punched in the gut. One of his two only true friends lay dead, under the soil, in a coffin of salvaged wood, and the other was missing. Montag had never experienced this kind of grief, not even after he burned Beatty, that twisted old man, to a crisp, Not when Mildred, his “soulmate” reported him to the firemen and then left him, and hadn't seen him since. He again vowed to avenge Granger at all costs, returning to his research. They were digging through books and holo-vids trying to figure out two things, 1. Who were these people attacking them, and why? And 2. Wall building methods. (They were planning on making the courthouse into a grim, walled, intimidating, self-sufficient fortress. So far, they had found several excellent wall building methods, but no clues about the military force that attacked them. It was frustrating, not knowing who attacked them, and not being able to do anything about it. Montag wanted to scream and shout, but felt he should compose himself better than that, he was, after all, the elected leader of New America, and he would not let them down, not a chance. Suddenly, Bill poked his head in the door, and says “Montag a women just showed up asking about you, her name is Mildred.”
Montag nodded grimly, and then said, “take her to the unused room” Montag was going to deal with her once and for all. As he sat with Mildred in front of him, he listened to her pleading for him to take mercy on her, how she was “confused and scared” when she left him. He let her wind down, then said, “I will never forgive you for what you did” then calmly turned and asked Bill for his handgun and some privacy, and once Bill had left, looked her in the eye and said, “now, you pay” and shot her straight in her ignorant face, and then in the chest again and again, as he realized it felt incredible to see her jerk each time he pulled the trigger, to hear her whimper with pain. Then his gun clicked on an empty chamber, and he stopped, kicked her body out of the way, and returned Bill’s handgun, and asked for someone to burn the body. Guy Montag was here, and he was out for more blood.
The End? Or the Beginning?

I wrote a second F451 novel
21 March 2017, 05:18 PM
continue this story. it is very interesting
22 March 2017, 07:20 AM
I can't imagine Montag killing Mildred. In the book he felt very sorry for his wife.
23 March 2017, 12:15 AM
Originally posted by Linnl:
I can't imagine Montag killing Mildred. In the book he felt very sorry for his wife.

Yeah, that seems out of character and over the top. I do think she lied about Clarisse being killed and in the sequel Guy finds Clarisse alive.