Politics 101 or Attack of the Pod People

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08 November 2016, 05:13 PM
Politics 101 or Attack of the Pod People
Just wanted to say happy doomsday, been nice knowing you, love you all!

Never have I been so terrified for the future of my country and my world! The ignorance was to a degree on my own part. I have always been aware of the existence of a certain amount of ignorant, stupid, hateful people. Until tonight I had absolutely no idea how many! The last time America was in this much trouble, Charles Dickens was still alive! (Election 1860--and I predict if Trump wins, the next thing his voters will demand is to bring back slavery!)

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09 November 2016, 12:56 AM
Absolute horror, utter devastation and disbelief. Shock! The worst disaster to befall America in my lifetime. Makes Reagan look good and September 11 look like a lark! Everyone who died before this was lucky.

I went off the internet and turned on the TV just in time to see the acceptance speech. Of all the horrible spewing of lies by this narcissistic delusional beast who is now our overlord, the most chilling to me was, "Those who have been forgotten will no longer be forgotten." Well, of COURSE they won't be forgotten! You will send your thugs to every corner of the land to harass and ferret them out so they can be rounded up and shuttled into work camps! Great way to get those highways done--chain gangs composed of your political enemies! That is, those in shape to be driven with a lash--not counting the fate of the elderly and disabled who will be gassed as useless.

Let's see, what are my options here? I don't much care for suicide, though I might be induced to participate in a mass die-off in protest in some prominent spot, say lined up and shot at Ground Zero or the Washington Mall? Don't like the idea of leaving the country and can't afford to if I wanted. Is there any way to be sent into a four-year coma?

If Trump lives to be inaugurated, I need to get an "America Held Hostage" sign and tie fifty yellow ribbons on the stake to represent the fifty states. This will stay up as long as he's president--which will probably not be long as we'll all be fried to a crisp in less than a month! Congratulations, voting public, for ruining what was once the greatest nation on earth! Writing this now before we are all silenced for good. Over and out.
10 November 2016, 05:30 PM

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We certainly live in a divided nation at war with itself. Not only did one of my dearest friends have a Trump sign out front, but when I went to the hardware store today to buy stencils to paint a giant "Not My President" sign, the hardware store owner was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. I bought the stencils anyway without telling him their intended purpose. I have known both of these families since before I was ten which makes it over four decades and never had any problem with these folks before.

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10 November 2016, 08:01 PM
Anyone registered to vote in the United States, who has a heart, a soul, a conscience, any shred of decent humanity, PLEASE sign and share this petition! ANYthing is better than Hitler/Trump!


Plan of Action:

1. Sign this petition.

2. If that doesn't work, put up a sign visible from space inviting aliens to take over.


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12 November 2016, 08:31 PM
Everyone please share with credit to my brilliant friend Brian D. Hernandez!

13 November 2016, 02:09 AM
EXACTLY what I was looking for and the best piece of writing I have read in a long time! I was just contemplating the five stages of grief and realizing in this case, acceptance is no more an option than nuclear annihilation!


"Everyone seems angrier now, not just you. Some of them aren’t even grieving. They were just always this angry. Now you see them."

Actually, anyone who has followed my Facebook and message board posts has known I was far gone long ago. They had me at the attacks in France and the destruction of Ray Bradbury's house. I really didn't need the nightclub massacre and the riots, but thanks anyway.

"You are angry because you were wrong. You thought you knew when and where you were living but maybe you did not. It is as though you had the year wrong. It is as though you have been living in a future that does not actually exist yet. Suddenly you are a time traveler, fighting to rescue your timeline, the one where people are supposed to be equal, where opportunity will expand and the world will become a safer and more open and accommodating place for everyone, regardless of race or sexuality or gender or country of origin. You thought that history was only moving in one direction, that it had an arc that bent a certain way, that eventually everyone would come there. You thought that there was something inevitable about this.

No. There is nothing inevitable about it. You will have to fight, every day. You are angry that you did not know."

Actually, I am angry that Ray Bradbury had this nailed down to the last detail with "A Sound of Thunder" in 1952, but with the cult of ignorance working at warp speed to erase all memory and knowledge of his life and work or any meaningful literary contributions by anyone, I am one of the last few people on this planet to be familiar with this. I am also angry there will be no comparable writers to take the place of Bradbury.

"4. Depression

Maybe if you don’t get out of bed ever again the Trump presidency will not happen."

Actually, I went straight to this one first. I thought, I'll just sit online venting until I collapse and simply not get back up again. Thing is, it didn't work--I actually slept much less than usual and got up rather earlier as I was too restless and upset to sleep. I thought I was upset following September 11, but that was, as I stated before, a mere lark compared to this.

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14 November 2016, 06:25 AM
Here in full is what Amnesty International has to say about the situation:

USA: Poisonous Rhetoric Must Not Become Government Policy

9 November 2016, 08:48 UTC

In response to the election of Donald Trump to the United States presidency, Amnesty International released the following statements.

Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International, said: “President-elect Trump has provoked grave consternation at many points throughout his election campaign, and raised serious concerns about the strength of commitment we can expect to see from the United States towards human rights in the future. He must now put this behind him and both reaffirm and abide by the United States’ obligations on human rights, at home and abroad.”

Margaret Huang, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, said: “In the lead up to this week’s election, the United States has witnessed disturbing and, at times, poisonous rhetoric from President-elect Trump and others. This rhetoric cannot and must not become government policy. The xenophobic, sexist and other hateful remarks made by Trump have no place in government.

"President-elect Trump must publicly commit to upholding the human rights of all without discrimination. From internment camps to the use of torture, we have seen disastrous results when those we elect to represent us flout the United States’ obligations to uphold human rights. All who have been elected today – from the executive office to city council – should bear these lessons in mind.”


14 November 2016, 08:43 PM

15 November 2016, 07:53 AM
The haters have anyone with a conscience over a bit of a barrel. If Trump is assassinated, not only will his supporters' riots make his opponents' riots look like a friendly little block party, we'll have Pence who may be as bad or worse, plus Trump will be a martyr to every cause against decent humanity for the next hundred years at least--what a legacy! If he is inaugurated, it will take time to remove him from office by any legal means and the purges and pogroms will lamentably result in many deaths before he is stopped. We are royally screwed. I know, I should be cheerful as being a straight white Christian with ancestry dating back to the Mayflower, they won't come after me first, unless of course they are monitoring online activity in which case I'm dead being on the lengthy enemies' list. I guess I better start printing this stuff out and seeing that it is stored somewhere where it will be preserved.
15 November 2016, 08:02 AM
dont worry dandelion im preserving it too.
15 November 2016, 08:02 AM
scary shit you got going on here
15 November 2016, 12:20 PM
Originally posted by harvey101blind:
scary shit you got going on here

That's kind of the point.
15 November 2016, 03:28 PM
Having heard Trump's whack-a-doodle accusation of protesters being paid, I thought, "If this is true, somebody owes me money!" I found the Craigslist ad from Washington Community Action Network and emailed one address given on their website, but so far no answer. Glad I chose emailing instead of trying to call. I think their phone is rung slightly off the hook. http://www.king5.com/news/loca...non-profit/351578872

I went back onto the website thinking to resend to every address listed, only to find it too late! Yesterday when I looked, their staff directory page listed 15 or 20 names and emails. This is it now:

It's unclear how many positions were being advertised.

Now, before I am on the receiving end of a deluge of abuse for the above, my first question was, "What are these protesters being paid to do?" In my inquiry I implied my willingness to do anything legal, non-violent, and non-destructive, with visions of this dancing in my head:


Keep in mind that the subjects of this experiment who refused to participate to the point of torture were most if not all women.

Washington Community Action Network issued a statement via Facebook that they are NOT hiring paid protesters! So far I do not see this information on their website.

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16 November 2016, 05:32 PM
WOW! Let me get this straight. Making anti-Trump statements by any means including social media, and rhetorical questions referencing violence against certain ethnic groups, results in being hauled off to the psych ward? *

1. I am so totally screwed.
2. There isn't an asylum big enough to hold us all. Scratch that--there isn't an asylum! Reagan closed them all and threw the mentally ill out on the streets. This is good.
3. No. This is bad. Not only are the mentally ill out on the streets, when those in charge figure out they can't incarcerate everyone who doesn't like Trump they will just shoot them.
4. He hasn't won entirely yet. At least they let the guy keep his phone and let him go.


And this is not a fit topic for a Ray Bradbury board? Censorship: Check. Racial prejudice: Check. Police State Political Oppression: Check. More needed? Shall I start listing stories addressing these topics?

* Apparently some of the comments Twitter had him delete, not included in this article, were at or beyond Free Speech standards and approaching Terrorist Speech territory--one was about shooting random white people and another about running cars with Trump stickers off the road--theoretically, of course, but still.... As things stand, I still expect ultra right-wing attacks on peaceful, reasonable protests.

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17 November 2016, 03:03 AM

This. Nearly 60% of Americans eligible to vote knew America was a sinking ship long before the 2016 election, they just split on what to do about it--that is exactly why the current vast outbreak of nastiness. Over 40% either don't know, or don't care. Non-whites, most non-Christians, and people of color: as steerage passengers, you're screwed. You will drown like rats without even a chance to try for a lifeboat. (Keep in mind that people of African descent were barred from boarding the Titanic, even as workers. This caused folksingers to call God's judgment on it after it went down.)

Those above decks, not much better. Stay on the ship and go down with it, jump in the water and either freeze or drown, or gain a place in a lifeboat and if you don't freeze there enjoy the wonderful "satisfaction" of losing your belongings with the sinking ship and seeing two thirds of your fellow countrymen perish.

Whatever happens now will be horrible beyond all comprehension. If the Electoral College votes in Hillary Clinton on December 19, every drunken toothless gun-totin' redneck hick who voted for Trump will pitch a riot which will make Hillary supporters' riots look like a friendly little neighborhood picnic. Half the country will burn down. If someone shoots Trump, worse: we get Pence. If someone does NOT shoot Trump, just as bad, as Trump will probably be serving as a sort of figurehead for a Pence presidency anyway. Here's your choice: you elected Hitler. Shoot him, and you get Stalin instead. Shoot him, you get Mussolini. Who comes after Vice President and Speaker of the House, I do not know, nor do I want to find out! Best not to start down that road at all--nobody will gain anything that way and there will be a lot of negative consequences. (NOTE to semi-literates planning to turn me in for terrorist threats, I said DON'T SHOOT ANYBODY!)

If the electoral college does put Hillary Clinton into office, I predict Trump and Pence will set up their own government and if even some of the significant portion of those who voted for Trump, in other words over a third of the country, recognize that government and reject the original, we have Civil War, chaos, and anarchy--just enough for the next superpower, Russia or China or whoever, to march in and take over. My prediction is the end of it all will see English-speaking people who identify as Americans, but they will, if lucky, be like citizens of European countries which are former superpowers. America will never again attain greatness.* At worst, those Americans still living will have the status that European conquerors gave indigenous peoples everywhere. It's like a terrible train wreck you don't want to see, but feel compelled to inspect in case some poor mangled soul may be clinging to life in the wreckage. God save us all!

* Jon Stewart pointed out how interesting it was that nobody challenged Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again." Seems one thing on which Conservatives, Liberals, and the Indifferent all agree: if America was ever great, it sure ain't now!

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