Ray Bradbury Predicts the Future!

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25 September 2018, 07:59 PM
Ray Bradbury Predicts the Future!
Before I begin, I would like everyone to know that this is my complete opinion.

Now, with technology quickly advancing, many people are starting to use phones. Apple, Android, you name it. However, is it strange that Ray Bradbury predicted the future of the earbud-and the slow but yet proceeding death of critical thinking?

In his book Fahrenheit 451 (great book by the way), Ray depicts a device similar to a pair of earbuds, naming them "Seashells". They are used to listen to music, and Mildred (a character in the book) is one of the main fans of this technology. Notice that this book was released in 1953. In 2001, earbuds were popularized thanks to the amazing iPod.

Alright, back to my real reason for writing this: people are becoming the slaves of their handheld technology. As I am writing this, I have spent six (6) hours staring at this screen, doing homework but pleasuring myself with games and funny videos. As I walk to my class, I observe people walking with screens glued to their face. I have to prevent a collision, so I must walk faster than them in order to avoid them! Frowner I also realized that people just can't talk to each other face to face anymore. Want to ask someone on a date? Just text them your feelings.

Critical thinking has devolved to solving a simple math problem by asking Google "hey google, what's 67-42?" I mean, what? People continue to buy a new model of iPhone every year, and of course, it is promoted by the television commercials.

Entertainment was hypnotizing the "zombies" in Fahrenheit 451, and now it appears to be working in real life. This is just a few things I noticed, I am sure you (the reader) can notice other strange occurrences worldwide.
25 September 2018, 09:40 PM
Welcome and thank you for your post.

Ray also predicted palm pilots, pagers, cell phones, piped-in music, etc. See his short story "The Murderer."