Am I reading into these two stories too much?

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25 April 2008, 05:48 PM
Am I reading into these two stories too much?
The stories I have in mind are The Long Rain, and The Visitor. If you're not familar... (but I'm kinda assuming everyone here already knows this...)

The long rain is set on Venus and a ship crashes into the planet. Stranded, they are slowly cut down. One by one, members of the crew die. The last one gets to a "sun dome", which is basically a structure built to protect formt eh rain. (chinese water torture here... the acid rain is harsh). Now, I'm wondering... does he really make it to the sun dome, or is he crazy and only think he found it, but he's really wandering around. I guess it really doesn't matter. If it did, I think M. Bradbury would have made it clear. But. I'm still curious.

Now for the visitor... a sickness, "blood rust" its called, is on earth. so teh people with it are quarentined to Mars. So, this one guy with this "blood rust" comes and he can cna do this sort of hypnotism that makes you think anything he wants. So, he can make the people there think they're back anywhere: city, river, whatever. At the end he's shot in a fight. (they're fighting over him, like animals... >_> *shudders* creepy thing the mob is. total lack of any humane thought.) But what if he wasn't shot; what if they only think that?

I suppose this has probably been hashed and rehashed multiple times... Frowner but as is, I'm quiet new. I didn't even know about this place until recently! So if this has been done before, I'm sorry.
25 April 2008, 10:25 PM
I'm fairly certain he did indeed find the sun dome, judging by the way it's written.

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