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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Mr. Dark:
Here's my [rejected] review of the book. I'm not good at getting published, but I'm getting better at rejection:

Welcome to the ranks of rejection. But not to worry, cutting ahead of the line is encouraged, so best of luck. All roads lead to trying to figure out who are TIIC and TPTB and how the heck they got so much power.

I particulary liked your intro and the following excerpts, since they give a reader the true essence of his writing greatness.

�Writing, for me, is akin to breathing...... I�ve never been in charge of my stories, they�ve always been in charge of me. As each new one has called to me, ordering me to give it voice and form and life, I�ve followed the advice I�ve shared with other writers over the years: Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.�

Prophetically, the following comment ties tightly to the heated thread currently posted on the board about tasteful literature and the arts.

The dialogue about the difference between beauty and crassness and the issues of psychological instability and other traits are reflective of why Bradbury�s novel, �The Martian Chronicles� had such an impact on the science fiction community..."

Bravo, Mr. Dark, and keep writing.
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Mr. Dark:
Well, don't sit on it... send it around. Cyber-read is not enough. And by the way, did they send you a printed rejection slip, or did someone take the loving time to pen a few words....?
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Well done, Mr. Dark. Most publications are hungry for intelligent book reviews. Send it out to ten more places.
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Mr. Dark,

May I add my kudos to a job well done? An excellent job indeed. As a Saturday reader of the Dallas Morning News, I'm astonished they chose to pass on a review of such quality and perception. Well, their loss. Time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do like what was suggested above: Make 10, no 20, more submissions, and keep going!

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I agree with the others--submit it to a bunch more places. It's good!
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I might add the inclusion and comparison of Mr. Bradbury with the intellectually acceptable Poe, Hawthorne, Hemingway, Anderson is what I like to see.
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Wow! These replies were so uplifting to me. Pete mentioned off-line checking out Writer's Market and seeing where else I could submit this. I will follow up on this. If this ever gets an editor's blessing, I will have you all (ya'll, in TX) to thank for it.

Thanks so much for your comments!!!!
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Ray, is'nt above a little creative rewrite, I caught a different ending to a favorite story in the new collection. Mr Dark, your review needs to be inked, and rolled. This new book is fun, I maintain that the original critic did not crack the cover or taste one or two of the stories. When I reread early work next to new there is still a clear creative line flowing through his work. I would like to have sat around a fire listening as we read late into the night with this book as a kid.
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