Time to Discuss a New Board?

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20 February 2018, 01:34 PM
Time to Discuss a New Board?
What I'd first like to see before moving ahead is everything on this board at raybradbury.com preserved by some means. Not sure of the practicality (when the old format board was moved to this one it was feared many posts were lost but never determined which--there was also a large loss of posts earlier due to some technical problem--) or the legality (since people who posted agreed to post on this board but not necessarily have their posts migrated to another).

When the plug was pulled on the Internet Movie Database message boards, at least two individuals saved many of the posts before the boards were wiped. From what I saw, only one user complained, and no one determined whether they were the real user or some enemy impersonating them trying to get rid of that person's contributions. Everyone else praised the preservation of the posts. If necessary the old posts here could be saved as a read-only database and a new and up-to-date board started.

What worries me is someday Ray's publisher may "wake up" that this board is here not getting enough "hits" and decide to just pull the plug! This was done at Internet Movie Database after nearly 30 years, following earlier deletions causing irreplaceable loss!

I have been an unpaid moderator here for most of the time this board has been up, and can continue to do this, but I have no idea of how to preserve contents of or host a message board, which someone else will have to take on. Open for helpful suggestions, thanks!
20 February 2018, 05:52 PM
...and I had to post the following on The Waltons message board for someone inquiring who Ray Bradbury was and why he should be of interest.

Ray Bradbury, best known for writing immortal tales of time, space, and the magical and mysterious, who sadly passed away in 2012, was one of the greatest authors ever to compose in English or any human language whatsoever since the invention of the written word. Readers who enjoyed The Waltons should love Ray Bradbury's small hometown masterpiece Dandelion Wine and its sequel Farewell Summer. I pictured the Waltons parents and grandparents as Douglas Spaulding's parents and grandparents from the first time I read the stories (over forty years ago; I've read Dandelion Wine four times in entirety and individual stories numerous times). Miss Mamie and Miss Emily are forever Miss Fern and Miss Roberta for me, and I could go on! Long live Greentown, Illinois!
22 February 2018, 09:36 PM
Mr. Dark
Do we need another board? Perhaps keep politics away and focus on Ray Bradbury--using the four categories we have been using for a long time. Over the years, Dandelion, you have done a great job moderating the board. Personally, I want to thank you for all the work. Thanks to Phil for coming in and Co-Moderating with you, too.
23 February 2018, 03:23 PM
Thanks but I've felt really alone here, and it isn't the politics. The board became practically a ghost town when Ray passed away and although social media is active on several Bradbury-related subjects, the people have not been showing up here. On social media you can't search for and discuss a specific subject or see what anyone said about it years ago...it is just here today and gone tomorrow.

Perhaps what I meant is if we could make a message board as interesting and addictive as social media, more people would want to contribute.
23 February 2018, 04:30 PM
I continue to visit this board... I would hate to see it go. You mentioned Ray's publisher pulling the plug. Does someone pay for this?
23 February 2018, 04:44 PM
Dandelion, you couldn’t be more wrong. The next time you log in, check the main, general Board page listing the four options for posts. Take a look at how many GUESTS are visiting the Board. You don’t have to be a registered member and post to enjoy what this Board offers in terms of information about Ray Bradbury. That is the purpose of these forums, and that is why it is such a personal disappointment to see some registered members use it for political nonsense having nothing to do with Ray’s life, work, and legacy.
23 February 2018, 05:11 PM
Mr. Dark
It would be nice to have a "like" button. I'd like Richard's post.
23 February 2018, 10:54 PM
Presumably Ray's publisher does pay the provider for hosting the board.

I've always been suspicious of those number of visitors counts but it's nice to believe it is even partly true.
26 February 2018, 05:35 PM
I wonder if some of the numbers are real but the visitors are bots. Sadly, I used to be annoyed when the board was hit with spam and now I am flattered that the spammers even find the place.
27 February 2018, 01:08 PM
Doug Spaulding
Originally posted by dandelion:
I wonder if some of the numbers are real but the visitors are bots.

I believe that Mr Richard might not be quite correct in saying that you could not be more wrong; most of those recent "visitors" are here to post a spam link, as you suspect. I've noticed the ghost town of the last few years, myself. I blame social media. Everyone is over "there" so no one is over here anymore.

Now you take this for example - 57 guests?! When have we ever had 57 guests at one time?

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"Live Forever!"
27 February 2018, 04:47 PM
Mr. Dark
Dandelion, you deserve an LOL for that last one. Red Face)
27 February 2018, 09:15 PM
Those bots are getting sneakier all the time. I hear they'll be driving in California soon!