Storefront Cafe 2009!

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09 October 2010, 09:42 PM
Storefront Cafe 2009!
Good evening fellow Bradbury-entrepreneurs! I have made myself sparse around these forums as of late, and I apologize for the absence, but I must converse with you on a particular subject which you may find, (particularly), interesting!

I am furthering my intelligence in the area of the (arguably) finest of all arts, painting, and as such came upon a jewel in my studies. A work with no artist to be found, no reference to such a painting even existing, which piqued my fiery soul for the answers.

You may remember my last inquiry on a specific painting in a Bradbury story, and since you were all so gracious and helpful, I figure one more go is in order!

The painting is called, Storefront Cafe, and all I ask is the name of the ship's captain. (The artist)

Areas of interest:
A street number of 113.
8 windows.
It says Cafe.

Many thanks. Smiler

"Oh, death!"