Ray Bradbury's Collaborations with Other Writers

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26 July 2021, 03:53 PM
Ray Bradbury's Collaborations with Other Writers
In thinking about Ray Bradbury's long and extraordinary career, I realized that there were not a lot of collaborations with other writers. I therefore decided to attempt to compile a list of those collaborations of which I was aware. I doubt the following list is complete. If anyone can add to it, please do so. I deliberately omitted the screenplay for MOBY DICK. While John Huston was given writing co-credit, Ray insisted that he alone was the author. I have also not included books where Ray was given co-author credit with artists and/or photographers, sticking instead with just writers.

1. "The Maiden of Jirbu", with Wilson Tucker. (The fanzine POLARIS, March, 1940)

2. "Pendulum", with Henry Hasse. (SUPER SCIENCE STORIES, November, 1941)

3. "The Candle", with an uncredited Henry Kuttner (WEIRD TALES, November, 1942)

4. "Gabriel's Horn", with Henry Hasse (CAPTAIN FUTURE, Spring, 1943)

5. "Final Victim", with Henry Hasse (AMAZING STORIES, February, 1946)

6. "Lorelei of the Red Mist", with Leigh Brackett (PLANET STORIES, Summer, 1946)

7. ICARUS MONTGOLFIER WRIGHT, screenplay, with George Clayton Johnson (1962)

8. READY WHEN YOU ARE, MR. FABIAN, an outline for a proposed film, with Lisa Mitchell (I am not certain when this outline was written, but I have a copy signed by Ray Bradbury in 1990)

9. "The Haunted House", with Elizabeth Albright (THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF HAUNTED HOUSE STORIES, edited by Peter Haining, Constable & Robinson, U.K., 2000; later issued in the U.S. by Carroll & Graf in 2005, and re-issued by Running Press Book Publishers in 2007). Incidentally, Elizabeth Albright is the daughter of Donn Albright, Ray Bradbury friend and bibliographer.

Again, I hope folks post any additions of which they might be aware!

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28 July 2021, 10:15 AM
In RAY BRADBURY: THE LIFE OF FICTION, Jon Eller and Bill Touponce stated that "Bradbury ghosted the opening section of "The Undead Die" by E. Everett Evans (Weird Tales, July 1948).This tale is provided an entry, but not given a number in Bradbury's total story count." Other than that the list above captures all the other Bradbury collaborations that I've heard about.
28 July 2021, 11:06 AM
JRES100, you're absolutely right. I completely forgot about that one! Many thanks! "The Undead Die" also appears in the E. Everett Evans short story collection, FOOD FOR DEMONS, which Evans in fact dedicated to Ray Bradbury. Sadly, that collection was not published until after Evans' death.

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27 March 2022, 06:35 AM
The link below will take you to a photo of the cover of November, 1941 issue of the pulp magazine SUPER SCIENCE STORIES, with Ray Bradbury's first professional sale: "Pendulum", co-written with Henry Hasse. (And I love artist Robert C. Sherry's cover!) The magazine paid $30 for the story. Ray and Hesse split the $27.50 that remained after agent Julie Schwartz's commission, which provided him a whopping $13.75, but he was on his way as a professional writer!