New Bradbury titles from PS Publishing

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08 July 2008, 08:34 AM
New Bradbury titles from PS Publishing
I'll quote the email I received today. It doesn't say what the new material is, but it looks like there will be some new stuff. They do look like nice sets, albeit expensive. Combining the autumn books is a cool idea.


We're in the final stages of designing our edition of Ray Bradbury's The Day It Rained Forever. We had a little hold-up because we were trying to secure something extra-special for the deluxe edition . . . and we've done it. The top set of 100 copies will include a special PS edition of the author's A Medicine for Melancholy. As I'm sure you'll already know, Medicine and Rained were essentially the same book re-titled for the split between UK and US audiences . . . but with four stories different in each title (ie. there are four in Rained that are not in Medicine and vice versa). This has been on the stocks for a long time, so a hearty Bravo! to all those who pre-ordered when we first announced it. So, in addition to the two editions we'd already advertised -- an unsigned unjacketed hardcover (£20 / $40) and a 200-copy jacketed and slipcased hardcover signed by Ray (£50 / $100) -- there'll be a 100-copy special two-book set signed by Ray and Caitlin Kiernan, who wrote the intro -- the price will be £250 / $500.


And finally, at least for this note, we've secured a real gem of a three-book set that we're aiming to bring out just in time for Christmas. Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Hallowe'en Tree and The October Country . . . all three of them in one slipcase, only 300 copies -- 26 lettered (£375 / $750) signed by Ray Bradbury himself (and possibly others involved) and 274 unsigned sets (£100 / $200) . And that's the lot -- just 300 copies and then they're gone. There'll be some extras included but we can't say what they'll be at this stage. For the record, this project came about because Ray called to say how much he liked what we'd done with Dandelion Wine and he wondered if we'd like to do the same with Wicked, Hallowe'en and October. Well, need I say more?!

22 July 2008, 05:25 PM
I'm curious if these two (MEDICINE and DAY IT NEVER) will be utilizing the Joe Mugnaini original illos and DJ art...I might consider buying them even though I haven't been entirely pleased with the Bradbury titles I have from PS at this point.

The 3 volume set is a given since two of them have already seen print from Gauntlet early on in editions I was not happy with...but in all fairness Guantlet is doing pretty good stuff now as of late...I've come around a bit Smiler. And its much cheaper at that price than trying to secure these now VERY pricey, out of print limiteds. I am a bit surprised that RB would OK another small press release after the very recent Gauntlet edition which is still readily available from Barnes and Noble, etc. Seems an odd thing to do to Gauntlet. Maybe because its a British publisher?
18 August 2008, 01:42 AM
Some artwork for these forthcoming PS editions is now viewable here:


- Phil

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