HS freshman in need of websites for term paper

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17 April 2003, 10:15 PM
HS freshman in need of websites for term paper
I have, or so it seems, exausted the resources in the books I have on Bradbury, and I still need 25 more notecards to write. Can anybody link me to some good websites?
18 April 2003, 09:13 PM
I've tried the links on this page, but it is all biographical info, which I can't have. I'm new at the whole writing term papers thing, and I have 75 out of 100 notecards. Plus, I need to write an outline, followed by a rough draft of the 10-page paper. I'm at a bad spot now where I can't find enough info to write 25 more cards without writing biographical stuff. I could really use some help if any of you can find good links containing non-biographical info on Bradbury. If not, that's fine too. Thanks for your help.
19 April 2003, 12:01 AM
Exhausted the resources in books on Bradbury? Hmmmm. Have you been to your local public library, or perhaps a college library that might be nearby? If not, check them out and see if they any of the following books: RAY BRADBURY, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Joseph D. Olander ((Taplinger, 1980); RAY BRADBURY by David Mogen (Twayne, 1986); RAY BRADBURY by Wayne L. Johnson (Frederick Ungar, 1980); THE BRADBURY CHRONICLES by George Slusser (Borgo Press, 1977); RAY BRADBURY: A CRITICAL COMPANION by Robin Anne Reid (Greenwood Press, 2000); RAY BRADBURY: MODERN CRITICAL REVIEWS, edited by Harold Bloom (Chelsea House, 2001). All of these books contain criticism of Ray's writing, and would help you fill up your remaining 25 cards very easily.
19 April 2003, 12:29 PM
I have the Twayne series by David Mogen and the Taplinger one. Perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough in them, or maybe I'm looking for specific things and I should generalize some more. I don't know. I have little time to go to local libraries to get other resources. I guess I'll just try to write 25 more using those two books, which seem like they say the same thing. Oh well. You got to remember that I'm a freshman in HS, so I can't drive to a library or anything. Plus, my parents work until late hours, which lmits the amount of time to do things. Thanks for the help anyway.
19 April 2003, 12:49 PM
Mr. Dark
You should be able to pull info out of those books. Aren't they both collections of essays? Pluss, you can pull a lot of different quotes directly from Bradbury's books themselves, right? (Unless the assignment is specifically for secondary sources.) Good luck!