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25 July 2004, 12:44 PM
Complete Story Listings
The Death of Mr. McCarthy - Blue and White Daily (Apr 21, 1938)

Mummy Dust (as Cecil Clayborne Cunningham) - D'Journal (May, 1939) * "How to Run a Successful Ghost Agency (as Brian Eldred) was also in this issue

The Offering - Magazine of Fantasy and SF (Mar, 1997)

Where's Lefty? - Playboy (Mar, 1991)

The Silence (Super Science Stories, 1949)

One More for the Road actually knocked a number of previously uncollected titles off my list including:

"Heart Transplant"
"The Enemy in the Wheat"
"With Smiles as Wide as Summer"
"The Year the Glop-Monster..." retitled "The Dragon Danced at Midnight"

I have plans this morning, but you KNOW as soon as I am home this afternoon, I am checking your information and updating my list!! Thanks again!
25 July 2004, 02:46 PM
I agree with you about the unreliability of lists of stories. My own list is not fault-free, but most of the items have been cross-checked against several sources. I find the publication details on the copyright extension pages of Ray's books is sometimes inaccurate, leading to (apparent or real) contradictions. On the other hand, many of his stories have appeared in so many places, with so many different titles, that it must be difficult for Ray/his editor/his agent to keep track!

Cat's PJs: at least two other stories have been previously published - Sixty-Six and A Matter Of Taste (the latter admittedly only a month or so earlier, and probably in a different form - I have seen the version in It Came From Outer Space, but not the version in Cat's PJs).

- Phil

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25 July 2004, 05:14 PM
ok (whew)...

>Remembrance - Unless this is "different material, same title," this is a poem and shouldn't appear on the short story list.<

It does appear to be a poem. I don't know why it was included on my list... hmmm...

>A Wild Night In Galway - Not Uncollected. Appears as part of "Green Shadows, White Whale."<

Can anyone substantiate this? Although 12 previously published stories are credited in the publication data page for Green Shadows White Whale, "A Wild Night In Galway" is not one of them. Google didn't help me either...

>From the Dust Returned - Not Uncollected. Appears as part of "From the Dust Returned."<

Again, 6 previously published stories are credited on page 205 of the book From the Dust Returned. "From the Dust Returned" (Magazine of F&SF, Sep, 1994) is not listed here. Does someone have a definitive answer for this??

>A Summer Day (1979) - Not uncollected. Expanded as "Hopscotch" in "Quicker than the Eye."<

Page 262 of Quicker Than the Eye lists all copyright notices for this book. 12 stories are listed... "A Summer Day"/"Hopscotch" is not one of them. The phrase "All Other Stories Are Original to This Collection, Copyright 1997 by Ray Bradbury" is at the bottom. Unless you have other info, I would suggest that "Hopscotch" is an original story and NOT the 1979 "A Summers Day"

>The Execution - Not Uncollected. Printed in "Quicker than the Eye."<

Quicker Than the Eye does not include a story titled "The Execution" nor does it include information regarding this story in the Publication Data page.

>Return From Death (as Anthony Carvais)
The Symphonic Abduction (as anonymous) - Both written by Hannes Bok and falsely attributed to Bradbury.<

This is big news to me! I need to check my resources, but I would love to know who shed light on this!

>Referent (as Brett Sterling) - Not Uncollected. Published in "The Day it Rained Forever" (the story collection, not the play.)<

YES! I included the non-US publication in my list, so you are correct... all UK only publications (A Small Assassin, The Day it Rained Forever, Long After Midnight) did include stories on my list. This includes the following stories which you commented on:

>Asleep In Armageddon (Perchance to Dream) - Not Uncollected. Published in "The Day it Rained Forever" (the story collection, not the play.)<

The Day It Rained Forever includes a story titled "Perchance to Dream" - is this the same story that appeared in Planet Stories (Winter, 1948)?? My own list does mention that this was "later retitled 'Perchance to Dream'")

>The Sea Shell - Not Uncollected. Published in the "Dark Carnival" reissue.<


>These Things Happen - Not Uncollected. Published as "A Story of Love" in "Long After Midnight."<


>Tread Lightly to the Music - Not Uncollected. Published as "Getting Through Sunday Somehow" in "Long After Midnight."<


Please know that I don't trust my own list and you probably have access to information I don't. After checking your list, these are the questions that popped up. In an effort to get to the bottom of this, I responded. If someone on this list has access to these stories and can double-check, we will have a pretty awesome list of uncollected stories!!!

Thanks to you and everyone for all your research!
26 July 2004, 05:37 AM

"A Wild Night in Galway" is chapter 6 of Green Shadows, but it has been re-written (some of the characters have been changed to fit the continuity of the rest of the novel). I have seen this with my own two eyes, and can therefore substantiate it. This, incidentally, illustrates the unreliability of the copyright pages in some of Ray's books!

All I can say about the others items you mention (e.g. Hopscotch) is that the information in my list is the information I have - I don't have many of the original sources to cross-check against. But somebody on this board probably does...

- Phil
26 July 2004, 06:57 AM
Regarding "The Execution"--well, that's what I get for trying to do these things at 3 a.m. If it's not on my own list, or the contributions by others above, we don't have it, so you better list publication information for it.

As for "Hopscotch," I have seen this with my own two eyes. The magazine version was about half the length of the book version, but it IS the same story! That is, the magazine story is incorporated into this longer story. Yes, Bradbury does revise, rewrite, expand, and retitle considerably!
26 July 2004, 02:30 PM
Phil -

Thanks for the information on "A Wild Night in Galway"

It appears that "Hopscotch" is included in the book Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales" - can someone check the publishing info and see if this is listed in there as being originally published as "A Summer Day" in Redbook, August 1978??

By the way... your Bradbury story page is outstanding! The site looks awesome and the foreign language edition scans are really cool to see. I am thankful for all the work you have put into this and extra thankful that you are sharing it!

Do you need cover scans? I have tons of magazine/pulp/digest/book images if you are looking to link all the short stories to their original covers.
26 July 2004, 02:40 PM
thank you dandelion

Yes! 3A.M. - indeed!

OK, "The Execution" - published in Xenophile #36 (November, 1977). From an earlier post on this list:

"The Beautiful Shave" is a complete version of " The Execution" (a story fragment) which appeared in Xenophile #36 [November] 1977."

Can someone please check Bradbury Stories: 100 of HIs Most Celebrated Tales" and see if "The Beautiful Shave" was originally published as "The Execution"??

I suppose I need to actually BUY Bradbury Stories...

Thank you for the information on Hopscotch! I have updated my list!!

Is this getting annoying for anyone? My anal-retentiveness may be a bit much. I just love to know that my list is as accurate as possible.
26 July 2004, 04:14 PM

Bradbury Stories doesn't verify that Hopscotch was "A Summer Day"; it merely refers to Quicker Than The Eye. dandelion says she has seen both "A Summer Day" and Hopscotch, so perhaps she can verify the publication details of "Summer Day".

Nor does Bradbury Stories verify the Xenophile information for A Beautiful Shave; it merely references Gallery, March 1979. If you look carefully, you will see that celsius233 claimed "Shave" and "Execution" to be the same story, but dandelion challenged the comparison (which celsius233 seems to have accepted).

Anal retentiveness? Here? No, we're just perfectionists, surely!

As for cover scans for my site, yes please! I'm still missing a scan for The Autumn People, and I could do with additional scans for any of the books that don't yet fill the screen from left to right. I would also welcome scans of magazine covers containing RB stories, scans of interior artwork etc.

- Phil

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26 July 2004, 05:33 PM
Someone who has both stories obviously needs to read both "The Execution" and "The Beautiful Shave" and see if one is incorporated into the other. I have read neither. If one story includes the basic text of the other, they should go into the "same story - different title," category under the more complete title (in the case of "Hopscotch," being the longer version, it is counted as "the" story) not be counted as two different stories.

As for the Hannes Bok stories, that information came from Donn Albright, whose word is absolute.
27 July 2004, 01:25 AM
Thanks to Dendelion for all that work, but since I don't see that Douglas SP's question, which started this thread, has been answered yet - where to find a 'complete' listing of all of Bradbury's stories - I might mention the following as being of use:

Jon R. Eller, "The Stories of Ray Bradbury: An Annotated Finding List (1938-1991)" Bulletin of Bibliography Vol. 49, No 1, 1992.(pp. 27-51). Available also as an offprint.

Eller has developed his bibilography of Bradbury's fiction for Ray Bradbury: The Life of Fiction (Kent State University Press, 2004), pp. 439-514. This extensive bibliography (which also details information about where the stories have been collected) includes everything Dandelion has mentioned above, and more. Furthermore, it was checked by Donn Albright (whose biblio has not yet appeared ) and by William F.Nolan (whose own biblio is out of date/print). It does not however include all the stories listed in The Cat''s Pajamas (except in the list of Unpublished Fiction), but those have been noted in another thread on this board. So if you put the two together, you should have a fairly 'complete' list.
For now!


The length of this bibliography and copyright restrictions forbid my posting any of it here, unfortunately. Sorry.

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27 July 2004, 02:39 AM
Since we're talking about his stories here, can anyone tell me the name of the story where time traveled backwards. A person started his life in the grave, came out of the grave, got younger and younger until he was a toddler, then an infant, then went back into his mother's womb where he got smaller and smaller and then disappeared. I have just posted this question on this message board, but I am determined the find the answer. I have been searching for years. Please help me out if you know the answer.
27 July 2004, 03:03 AM
"The Black Ferris" is about a Ferris Wheel that makes the rider younger when put into reverse motion. The carni boss uses it to become a young boy and steal money from people... (if I remember correctly).

27 July 2004, 05:13 AM
Don't forget, Black Ferris was the basis of Something Wicked This Way Comes, which has the same basic idea, but substituting a carousel for the ferris wheel. (But somehow I don't think either of these is the story suetheblue is looking for.)

I have a resolution to the "Beautiful Shave"/"Execution" discussion, courtesy of Jon Eller, co-author or A Life of Fiction.

"The Execution" first appeared in Xenophile #36, Nov 1977 as a story fragment.

It was expanded and reprinted in Gallery, March 1979 and The Best of Gallery, Winter-Spring 1980, as "The Beautiful Shave".

The revised version was reprinted in Telegraph Sunday Magazine (U.K.) May 27, 1979, as "The Shave", and collected in Bradbury Stories as "The Beautiful Shave."

Jon tells me he his bibliographical research involved work in Ray's basement, and with Donn Albright.

- Phil

P.S. dandelion, I tried to forward Jon Eller's message to your email address, but it bounced. If you would like a copy, please email me.

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27 July 2004, 05:58 AM
This may well answer two questions at once. Someone was asking which story "From the Dust Returned" was in the volume of that title, then suetheblue asked about a character aging backwards. I am pretty sure these are the same story. Anyhow, it is in "From the Dust Returned" and is the chapter about Angelina Marguerite.

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27 July 2004, 12:21 PM
"From the Dust Returned" first appeared in Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Sep. 1994. It was expanded (with a brief interchapter) and re-written to form chapters 21 and 23 of FDR (2001). The story is not old; it was written in the 1990s for use in the evolving novel. It describes Timothy's rescue of many times great grandma and his successful attempt to place her in the museum