Could Montag ever go back to being a responsible fireman after what Beatty said?

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02 September 2004, 06:53 PM
Could Montag ever go back to being a responsible fireman after what Beatty said?
What if Montag took Beatty's advice and destroyed all the books he had? Could Montag ever go back to being a responsible fireman? I think Montag could never be a fireman again because once they burnt the lady in her house he knew books were something special. So Montag looked at books and Faber for answers and knew that books were worth fighting for. Montag didn't want the firemen to find out about the books he owns but he still has to be a fireman. Montag eventually broke away from being a fireman and found out it wasn't worth it. So my point is even if he does listen to Beatty I think he could never again be a responsible fireman.
02 September 2004, 07:01 PM
Being a responsible fireman was very important to Montag, but if you think about it, he questioned his job and actions before Beatty ever said anything. What happened the second he heard Clarisse's thoughts, or even seeing Faber reading? Although he was very committed to what he was doing, Montag had a part of him that let his mind expand to question the world around him and realize what had become of the people and knowledge. Yes, I agree that Montag would not be able to be a fireman after what Beatty told him and also believe that in a way, everything was meant to lead him to changing how he perceived things. Clarisse affected him in a way that brought questions, Faber through answers, and Beatty through reality. The question now is, why did Beatty never attempt to change his ways?
03 September 2004, 12:27 AM
I do not think that Montag could be a responsible fireman if he had destroyed the books that he had. If Montag ever went back to burning books I do not think that he would be able to carry out his job description. I believe this because I think that his desire to read and gain knowledge would be to strong to go out and destroy something that should be used to learn and gain intelligence.
07 September 2004, 11:17 PM
I don't think that Montag can be a responsible fireman again. He thought about his life as a fireman and found that he wasn't happy.If he burnt books again, he wouldn't be happy because he wants to get smarter and learn.