New Omnibus Edition of R IS FOR ROCKET/S IS FOR SPACE

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02 September 2016, 08:39 AM
New Omnibus Edition of R IS FOR ROCKET/S IS FOR SPACE
In its newsletter of today's date, the U.K. publishing firm PS Publishing announced that they have received approval for a 26-copy signed, omnibus edition of Ray's two collections, R IS FOR ROCKET and S IS FOR SPACE. No further details, such as pricing or an anticipated publication date, were provided. Here is the announcement:

"We got final approval for a bumper new single volume edition comprising Ray Bradbury’s R IS FOR ROCKET and S IS FOR SPACE, utilizing the remaining signed sheets left over from the recent deluxe edition of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES in the big 26-copy lettered volume of ROCKET and SPACE."
09 November 2018, 08:43 AM
In today's PS Publishing newsletter, it announced the specific prices for its forthcoming omnibus edition of R IS FOR ROCKET/S IS FOR SPACE. There will be a 1000 copy trade edition, signed by the artists (selling for 59.99 British pounds, or approximately $78 at the current currency exchange rate), and a 26 copy lettered edition signed by the artists as well as Ray Bradbury. Unfortunately, the signed lettered edition will cost 595 British pounds (approximately $775 at the current currency exchange rate). Here is more information about the forthcoming book:

"This time, close to 500 pages, with each story prefaced with some of the best b&w artwork we’ve ever seen from Glenn Chadbourne and the very best colour pieces from PS fave, Tomislav Tikulin.

The trade edition will be housed in a full colour illustrated slipcase and will be limited to 1000 copies signed by Tomislav and Glenn.

Also, as announced last week, there'll be a deluxe oversized edition in an illustrated traycase—think of FEARIE TALES and SOMETHING WICKED and you'll get the picture. This edition is limited to 26 lettered copies signed by the artists and the man himself. As you can imagine we've already had significant interest in this edition and are duty bound to honour the letter requests from those who purchased the SOMETHING WICKED edition. There will be some spare copies and you can register your interest by writing directly to me at editor@pspublishing.co.uk."

Here is a link to the PS Publishing website that will allow you to order the trade edition:


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