Ray Bradbury Theater

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22 November 2002, 12:34 PM
Ray Bradbury Theater
I find the episodes from RB Theater very accurate in their interpretations of the stories from which they have been created. At one time SF Channel carried RBT, but in recent months it has not been listed.

A few questions: Why would these classic tv episodes not be collected and available (as is TZ, X Files, others)? Is there a contractual agreement that prohibits this or is it just another "major project" that would need someone to spearhead such a task(like the recent Ill. Life, by J. Weist)?

Any info on the re-airing of the program in the future? Or a compilation of the works into a complete set (how many 75+)? A few sets do exist, but they are not some of the real landmark pieces: Emissary, Small Assassin, Sound of Thunder, Fruit @ Bottom .., Lake, Black Ferris, so many more!

It seems that as such an important part of his legacy they deserve some serious consideration. The RB mood is evident in each episode because he had a direct hand in the series. Making them available in a re-mastered format would be a worthwhile commercial/historic ventual - I would think!

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26 November 2002, 05:12 PM
What? No clues!?

26 November 2002, 07:52 PM
Nard Kordell

I know nearly zilch...but this:::

The Ray Bradbury Theater, I believe, eventually wound-up on USA Channel. I believe it was on something else before that. Anyway...I believe it was USA who told Ray they wanted an certain number of scripts finished by a designated time. Again, from my nearly zilch info on this...Ray emphatically said...it ain't going to happen!! He wasn't going to be pushed in the creating of scripts. It was to be on his own terms.

After that...I don't know what happened...other then it left USA. Now maybe there is...probably is...some contract problems... or ownership disputes. That usually ties things up with the lawyers for Eons!!