RayBradbury.com needs an update and redesign

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25 November 2016, 06:35 AM
RayBradbury.com needs an update and redesign
I'm not sure who has the authority to initiate a redesign of the site, but it's old and dated. It could really be packed with great information: photos, writings, trivia, expanded bio, and various interesting tidbits.

That is my simple observation from my chair beside the window this beautiful November day. : )

25 November 2016, 12:36 PM
Thank you, Lance! This obvious issue has been a need for years. As Chief Moderator (though the board doesn't say so--that's an error I still need to see if I can fix--) I can give you a brief rundown on the ownership and history of the board.

--October 2001, Ray Bradbury's publisher established the website including the message board, where I discovered it in December 2001.

--Every time some troll came on, we had to appeal to someone at the publishing house to moderate, which was time-consuming and frustrating, so finally the person in charge at that time appointed me moderator.

--After this person left, we did not hear from the publisher at all except for once when they updated the original board into this one. For awhile it suffered from a syndrome like in the episode of Star Trek when the transporter malfunctioned resulting in two Captain Kirks. Someone at the publisher got wind of there being two boards and supposedly merged the original into this board. When we pointed out a discrepancy in number of posts, and that tens of thousands may have been lost, they said tough luck. We haven't heard from any of them since.

--The site was updated when Mrs. Bradbury and Mr. Bradbury passed away, so as of four years ago at least someone at the publisher's was still in charge.

--We started having a lot of problems with spam advertising, so, since I live in North America and Phil Nichols lives in England, I appointed him Deputy moderator, so I can take care of problems when he's asleep and vice versa. Somehow in doing this I had a problem similar to the transformer, resulting in two philnics and no dandelion, but what the heck, my administrator functions still work.

For a really brilliant Bradbury website, please see the site created by Phil Nichols: http://bradburymedia.blogspot.com

Please continue to contribute here on any Bradbury-related subject or some of the off-topic threads. Thanks for your input.
28 November 2016, 12:56 PM
Thanks for the plug dandelion. I would also recommend people keep an eye on the Facebook page of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies.

(There is a link down below, in my signature line.)

- Phil

Deputy Moderator | Visit my Bradbury website: www.bradburymedia.co.uk | Visit the Center for RB Studies: www.tinyurl.com/RBCenter
29 November 2016, 04:37 AM
So Ray's publisher owns raybradbury.com, rather than his estate?

29 November 2016, 07:08 AM
That is correct. One of the few organizations associated with Ray which is actually interested in preserving and continuing his legacy is the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies. There are also a few efforts to memorialize him in Waukegan and Los Angeles. Glad to see you here. Please continue to contribute.
29 November 2016, 11:45 AM
I see. Thanks for the information. It's sad to see his official site so dreadfully underutilized.